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Who is Behind the Gaza Flotilla?

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Who is Behind the Gaza Flotilla?

Before you readers fall too deeply for the line that Israel attacked a bunch of peace-loving humanitarians en route to Gaza, and if you have not already been cured of that illusion by the videos showing what actually happened, you might like to know who is actually behind these flotillas. The two main players are the Free Gaza Movement based in El Cerrito, California and the International Solidarity Movement based in the East Bay area of California. They advertise themselves as peace-loving humanitarians who care so deeply for the poor Palestinians. In reality, their goal is linking up with the Palestinians and other assorted Islamists to bring about the fall of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state. The other player is the Turkish “aid” group, IHH, which intelligence sources (including Israeli intelligence) believe has ties to Hamas and even al-Qaeda.

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