Whither Turkey

The major role that Turkey took in the flotilla bound for Gaza has highlighted the fact that this nation is standing squarely between east and west, geographically, culturally, and politically. The dividing line between Asia and Europe literally runs right through the city of Istanbul. In recent years, Turkey has been trying to get admitted into the European Union. Being no admirer of the EU, I have often asked my Turkish acquaintances why they would want to bother being admitted to a bureaucratic mess that has continually imposed one condition after another on them. Right now, it doesn’t look like a good idea for the EU to admit Turkey.

I have visited Turkey on two occasions (Ankara and Istanbul on both visits. ) At that time, I was on official business with DEA (working drug cases with the Turkish National Police). I enjoyed the country, liked the people and valued by relationship with the head of the Turkish National Police drug department in Ankara (Attila Aytek). He was an honest and dedicated cop, who worked closely with his international colleagues.

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