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Waving At Traffic

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As I mentioned on a recent article on, recently Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Ron Paul supporters have taken to the streets, waving pro-liberty, pro-Ron Paul signs on the outskirts of downtown Harrisonburg. Although the weather has been chilly, I’ve spent time on the corner, publicly cheering on my candidate. However, prior to these recent episodes, the last (and first) time I participated in a sign wave for Dr. Paul was shortly before South Carolina’s 2008 Republican presidential primary.

Back in October of 2007 when I joined the Ron Paul campaign in South Carolina, very early on fellow campaign staffers spoke against sign waving. They informed me that Ron Paul supporters loved to do sign waves but that I should discourage these practices. Now you might ask why they would think this way. Well, although sign waving is certainly a visible way to let voters know that there are folks who ardently support Dr. Paul, it is a completely ineffective tool for identifying like-minded citizens.

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