Too Kooky For Kentucky Congrats to Rand Paul


Too Kooky For Kentucky Congrats to Rand Paul

Too Kooky For Kentucky dot NeoKon spent its time spinning the facts about Dr. Rand Paul and aligning him with the Jefferson of today his father Ron Paul. This in an effort to make Rand somehow look bad because he believes in Liberty?

That type of old school mudslinging nonsense was an utter failure and in typical political sickness. They were dedicated to bashing Rand Paul by every means possible!!

However, in an ironic and comical twist – the left right political paradigm which is usually used against Liberty candidates is also used to get the Republican/Democrat sheep in line behind the party’s primary winners and NOW this site is suddenly all for Kooky ole Rand Paul:

Congratulations, Dr. Paul.

Let’s not let Cap’n’Trade Conway make it to Washington…

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