Time to Leave No Child Left Behind, Behind

It has been said that the most effective way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. There is no slave more devoted, no disciple more dedicated than one who has become completely obsessed with the vision of what he considers to be a great idea. (1)

Thus, education has long been a proper object of concern among both freemen and statists, among both the good and the evil. Almost everyone senses that what a child is taught in his youth has an enormous prospect for good or ill in individuals and in civilizations.

In 386 B.C., Plato laid out one the most complete and oft-studied handbooks on communist totalitarianism in his work Republic. A grand key of successfully implementing the plan was education.

Society, he taught, must be remade from a clean slate: But how?

All above ten years of age in the city must be taken out into the country, and all the children among them (infants through age ten) must be taken charge of (by the state) and kept outside their present surroundings and the ways of life led by their parents, and the reformers must bring them up in their own ways and customs…

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