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The Sexual Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

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Democratic men, male feminists to the bone, are at it again with their enlightened approach towards women.  In San Diego, Democratic mayor Bob Filner stands accused of sexual harassment after he ordered his former spokeswoman to work without her panties on, while still other women on his staff allege groping, forcible kissing, and other forms of harassment.

Gloria Allred, who somehow manages to insert herself into every sexual harassment case, is representing the former spokeswoman, Irene McCormack Jackson. At a Monday press conference, Allred detailed a pattern of behavior that included placing McCormack Jackson in a headlock and telling her he wanted to have sex, in addition to the request that she work without her panties. McCormack Johnson resigned with Filner’s deputy chief of staff Allen Jones, who allegedly told Filner that what he was doing to women “may even be illegal.”  Allred says that she has witnesses for some of the allegations.

McCormack Jackson is the first woman to publicly accuse Filner, but the past two weeks have been filled with lurid allegations of sexual misconduct by Filner towards women who worked for him.  Two weeks ago, Filner’s fiancée ended their engagement, after former city councilwoman Donna Frye, herself a former employee for Mayor Filner, held a news conference detailing firsthand accounts from multiple women of sexual harassment.

Filner, 70, issued a video response to the mounting allegations, in which he made a statement apologizing for his behavior and saying that he needed help.

“I am embarrassed to admit that I have failed to fully respect the women who work for me and with me, and that at times I have intimidated them. I am also humbled to admit that I need help.”

A poll by the San Diego Union-Tribune, however, showed a far less forgiving attitude by respondents. 77% of those surveyed indicated that they did not accept Filner’s video apology, compared to just 17% said they did accept the apology.  So forgiving are Democratic females that Filner was able to keynote a sexual assault benefit after the allegations surfaced.  While Filner did not receive the lifetime leadership award he was slated to receive from the National Women Veterans Association of America for his advocacy of female veterans, he was reassigned to give the keynote address at the benefit.

The National Women Veterans Association left Filner in place even after allegations that Filner had patted the buttocks of his former deputy campaign manager during his bid for re-election to Congress in 2005.  Laura Fink says the incident occurred at a fundraiser, and when she demanded an apology, Filner mumbled that he was sorry and walked off.  Fink didn’t go public because she was starting her consulting business, and, as she puts it, “Bob Filner has a reputation for swift retribution and holding grudges.”

Throughout the scandal, Filner has denied that he is guilty of sexual harassment, saying that he believes a full presentation of the facts will vindicate him.  This is despite the very specific allegations that Filner forcibly kissed a volunteer for his campaign, and placed his hand on the inside of her bra.  His ex-fiance’e Bronwyn Ingram released a statement alleging “aggressive” behavior by Filner, and further accusing him of recently “texting other women sexually explicit messages.” Ingram alleged that Filner had set up dates with other women in front of her.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a former Filner colleague, and articulator of a “Republican War on Women,” distanced herself from Filner and snapped at a reporter last week when asked about Filner, telling the reporter not to identify Filner as her former colleague.  This is despite the fact that Filner is one of Pelosi’s co-founders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin analyzed Pelosi’s long-time tendency to cover for male progressives accused of sexual harassment, including her delayed reaction to then Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal, and her refusal to acknowledge local reports about seven-term Oregon congressman Rep. David Wu in 2011. Instead of confronting Wu, House Democrats gave him $80,000 for his re-election.  It was later revealed that Wu had been disciplined in the 1970s while at Stanford University, where an ex-girlfriend told campus police he had attempted to rape her, using a pillow to stifle her screams.  When The Oregonian published allegations by a teenage girl of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with Wu, Pelosi finally called for an investigation by the House ethics committee.

Despite the fact that Wu had been accused of rape or attempted rape by two separate women in separate incidents three decades apart, the media and his fellow Democrats used semantic distinctions to lessen his offenses. Wu wasn’t a rapist; he had engaged in “aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior” with “a young woman.”  Wu had apologized in 2004 for attempting to rape his ex-girlfriend at Stanford, characterizing his behavior as “inexcusable.”

Instead of simply apologizing for the incident at Stanford when the Oregonian reported on it, Wu hired a lawyer and threatened both the newspaper and the dying 83 year old dean who counseled his victim with lawsuits.  Oregon Democrats had known about the attempted rape since 1998, and the allegations had led to the August 1998 resignation of Wu’s campaign manager. Despite this, congressional Democrats and Oregon Democrats continued to support Wu for seven terms in Congress.

All the while, many of those same Democrats routinely disparaged the Republican Party for its so-called War on Women.  In 2010, Wu had hit on a 23 year old woman at a football party, and a 30 year old woman employed by a public agency in Oregon.  Wu’s behavior wasn’t unusual for Oregon Democrats; Portland Mayor Neil Goldschmidt had raped his 13 year old babysitter, and by 2005, his successor Sam Adams had been accused of a sexual affair with an 18 year old legislative aide.

In the latter case, Sam Adams was accused of carrying on a sexual affair with Beau Breedlove, who first said that Adams had kissed him while he was just 17, and Breedlove would later contradict his own story by saying that the kissing and the sexual affair had not started until he was 18.  Adams later admitted asking Breedlove to lie about the relationship, and admitted discussing a relationship with Breedlove prior to his 18th birthday.  For at least two years before he admitted to the relationship, Adams had characterized his accusers as gay bashers.

Throughout all of these incidents, Democrats attacked the victim; in Goldschmidt’s case, the Oregon Democratic Party disparaged his victim to no end. In Wu’s case, The Oregonian had multiple women come forward off the record who claimed his propensity for raping women extended well into his adulthood, and never once did The Oregonian seem to comprehend that Wu was an adult when he was a Stanford.  Moreover, many of those women doubtless wanted to stay off of the record given their experiences witnessing The Oregonian’s treatment of Goldschmidt’s victim.

Nancy Pelosi and many of Wu’s colleagues in the House ignored or overlooked his continual erratic behavior, including combining Ambien and Valium; going in a catatonic state during a Medicare vote; his infamous Klingon speech on the House floor in 2007, where he said there were “faux Klingons in the White House;” and his attempt to use the threat of litigation to intimidate The Oregonian and a dying 83 year old former Stanford dean into retreating from plans to report on his rape of an ex-girlfriend in college; along with his acceptance of Oxycodone from a campaign donor in October 2010.

It’s not unwanted sexual contact; it’s rape. It’s not inexcusable behavior; it’s rape.  It’s not an affair when you have sex with a 13 year old; it’s rape.  It’s not forcing yourself on someone; it’s rape.  If these were Republicans, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi would be scurrying to use the term rape.  But because Weiner, Wu, and Filner are Democrats, Nancy Pelosi just cannot bring herself to cast a pebble in their direction.  It’s not even sexual assault. It’s mere harassment, even though touching someone when they don’t want to be touched is a form of battery.

When The Oregonian originally reported on Goldschmidt’s rape of his 13 year old babysitter, it reported her age as 14 when the abuse began.  The Oregonian’s reporters termed the continued rape of a 13 year old girl a “relationship” and an “affair.”  Oregonian associate editor David Reinhard went even further:

“[T]he news of Goldschmidt’s relationship with a high-school girl wasn’t what was so sickening… What’s truly sickening is that some sewer dwellers would dredge up and publish this ‘news.’”

Goldschmidt’s rape of a 13 year old babysitter, which continued into her high school years, and which arguably began as a grooming process when she was 7 years old and Goldschmidt was taking her to campaign events, wasn’t sickening at all.  Reporting on the rape was sickening.

When placed in this context, the Democratic tendency to dismiss a woman’s right to own a gun for personal protection takes on a much more sinister character.  While Democrats excoriate Todd Akin for his remarks on legitimate rape, they point to call boxes and safe zones and whistles to justify denying women the ability to carry a pistol on college campuses, even though they acknowledge that campus sexual assaults are a problem, unless they’re Bob Beckel. While Democrats won’t characterize what David Wu, Neil Goldschmidt, or Bob Filner did as sexual assault or rape, they will characterize what Republicans are doing in North Carolina in terms of policy as rape.

Democrats Melvin Jay Reynolds, Gerry Eastman Studds, David Giles, and Bill Clinton were all either accused or convicted of sexual assaults. In Clinton’s case, he was accused by two women, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. Still, even though Claire McCaskill would later say she wouldn’t want Clinton around her own daughter, Democrats closed ranks and defended a man whose peccadilloes were well known. They always do, be it Bob Filner, David Wu, Bill Clinton, Eric Massa, Neil Goldschmidt, or countless others.Harassment, assault, whatever it may be, when a Democrat does it, it’s not even called for what it is.

Harassment can be apologized for by a fellow Democrat, but when a Republican or a Republican nominee like Clarence Thomas is alleged to have harassed a woman, their names are dragged through the mud.  A sexual assault or outright rape is a mistake, an affair, a lapse in judgment, or anything but a rape.  The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is that while they characterize the Republicans as waging war on women, their own members are actually committing acts of war on various women while being protected by their peers and colleagues within the Democratic Party.

jay batmanJay Batman is a graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Law, where he attained his J.D. in May 2013.  He completed a B.A. in English with a minor in Political Science at the University of Montevallo in 2002. He is employed with Dustin Stockton Political Strategies, LLC, and presently resides in West Texas with his dog and co-author, Buddy Love