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The Battled Sirius Star SIRI

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The Battled Sirius Star SIRI

Sirius XM Radio Inc. (Nasdaq:SIRI) is struggling again. With all the good news that has come out recently about Sirius XM Radio, ( Nasdaq : Siri ) the stock has still yet to stay over 1.00 long enough to void delisting. Granted the big wigs over at Sirius XM will not let a delisting happen, and initiate some sort of drastic measure to combat it (reverse-stock split). The shorts and the longs are at it again, which is nothing new with this battered stock.

With some auto companies fading (NYSE:TM) some growing (NYSE:F) and some just removed from the free market, (GM) auto news has meant little to Sirius radio. Until the economy is completely turned around there will be uncertainty on how..

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