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The Anarchic Story of Christmas

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Jesus seems like a pretty good guy. I like him because he was an anarchist.” – Jeff Berwick at his wedding ceremony.

Truer words were never spoken. This week the Christian world again celebrates the birth of Jesus, the world’s most famous anarchist. Yet, saying Jesus was an anarchist is enough to cause many a church lady to leap from the altar. Could it be so?

When Jesus was born, the world was not so different than the western world today.  Rome was the New World Order of that era. Julius Caesar had crossed the Rubicon decades earlier, and Augustus Caesar had been emperor/dictator for almost 25 years. Rome had become a failing welfare state whose legions relied on exacting tribute from citizens in exchange for benefits in the form of social services. Rome had gone from a free republic to an empire, while starting down a long path of debasing its currency, the known world’s reserve currency. A once independent and self-reliant society had become self-indulgent, apathetic and subject to the will of the dictators, who called themselves “Fathers” and the benefactors of the people. ….


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