Tenth Amendment Summit with Judge Andrew Napolitano

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Tenth Amendment Summit with Judge Andrew Napolitano

The Tenth Amendment Summit is sponsored and paid for by the Georgia First Committee to Elect Ray McBerry, and co-sponsored by the Tenth Amendment Center

February 25-26. Airport Hilton Hotel. Atlanta, GA

Candidates from across the country who support a return to State Sovereignty are being invited to participate in this two-day event. The public and media are invited to attend the second day of the summit.

Thursday 4pm to 9pm

Closed door meeting for all participating candidates.

Friday 10am to 4pm

Open to the public. A declaration from the summit will be read. Participating candidates will speak briefly, followed by several nationally-recognized speakers on the subject of the Tenth Amendment and our constitutional Republic.


Judge Andrew Napolitano

Chief Justice Roy Moore

Ray McBerry

Tenth Amendment Summit

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