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Tenth Amendment possibly Online Poker Lobbyists’ royal flush for 2013?

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The US Constitution has a clever way for states to reclaim power usurped by the Federal Government  and not within it’s delegated duties. Thomas Jefferson was the first to fight against Washington power grabbing with the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, he argued that state interposition or nullification is the ‘rightful remedy’. He demonstrated correctly that the state governors and legislators had a sworn duty to stand between the general government and the people of it’s state.

Nullification has been practiced ever since as a way to stop DC from stepping out of their limited power. In 1854 Wisconsin exercised the tenth amendment and nullified the fugitive slave act which resulted in arresting federal agents who tried to enforce extradition of salves back to slave owners in the South.

In recent years over 20 States have nullified the Real ID Act of 2005 stopping the federal government from requiring Americans to carry a national ID card to be issued through state drivers licenses. Additionally, 18 states have used the 10th Amendment to legalize medical marijuana. And six states have legislation to  nullify Obamacare.


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