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Tea Party Favorites Taking Government Handouts

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Tea Party Favorites Taking Government Handouts

As the November 2010 elections approach, it is the sacred duty of every Constitutionalist to be aware of the differences among the various parties and factions promoting themselves as friends of the Constitution, advocates of small government, and proponents of lower taxes.

For example, the Tea Party movement that is burgeoning nationwide has already had a significant impact on several elections. There is an inertia about this group that seems to be gaining momentum and credibility as Election Day grows nearer.

That is to say, not everyone wearing a tri-cornered hat is Paul Revere and not everyone seeking the Tea Party endorsement or campaigning under that banner is a constitutionalist. The Bible provides a key to discerning between those who pretend to be that which they are not: By their fruits, ye shall know them.

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