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Tax bill Hurts the American taxpayer, Business Owners, and YOUR INTERNET PRIVACY

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This morning I received an email from Campaign for Liberty. A serious warning and call to action to stop the Federal monster from once again attacking our freedoms online through government terrorism. Please read this important message below about the National Internet Tax Mandate and then TAKE ACTION to stop another Washington DC aggression against the American people.


Dear Patriot,

The power to tax is the power to destroy – and now the ability to track what you purchase.

Legislation recently passed through the U.S. Senate would force small Internet businesses to become sales tax collectors for nearly 10,000 tax jurisdictions.

If passed, the National Internet Tax Mandate would raise taxes on all Americans, as a state sales tax on all goods purchased online would be implemented.

But that’s not all it does.

You see, every state taxes different things.  Some tax food; others don’t.  Some tax medicines; others don’t.

Do you see the invasion of privacy that is coming?

Government bureaucrats are not only going to know you made an online purchase, but they will also have to know WHAT you purchased.

It’s the only way they could make this scheme work.

But it also has other huge problems:

*** All Americans would see their taxes go up, as big-spending governors of BOTH parties work to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online.

*** In order to enforce the law, state tax agencies would get to monitor your records.  This means each time you buy ammo online, the government sees the receipt!

*** New and higher taxes would destroy small web-businesses, crush economic growth, and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.

Patriot, you and I have to mobilize NOW to stop this madness.

I need you to call your Representative today!  Let your Representative know you won’t put up with this egregious attack on taxpayers and small business owners.

The bill has passed the Senate and is awaiting consideration by the House – where members are coming under pressure from tax-hungry state and local officials, as well as big retailers who want to crush smaller competitors.

In fact, I’m already getting word that some in the GOP leadership will be more than happy to help this Obama-backed bill – or one like it – sail into law.

Now is the time to turn the pressure up and finish this fight in victory!

Greedy state officials from all over the country are eager to get more of your money and are busy bending the ears of Congress.

They want to start taxing EVERYTHING you purchase online – clothing, books, software, ammunition – and you can be sure state agencies will see a copy of every transaction.

Forcing small businesses to comply with nearly 10,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States will result in a crippling amount of red tape for them to navigate.

Not to mention the sheer cost associated with complying.

You and I both know, under the guise of “national security,” establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans’ activity – and this bill will help move them one step closer to doing just that.

What you read.  What you buy.  What videos you watch.  What you write about THEM.

Where will it end?

We MUST stop this bill now, so call your Representative today.

Tell your Representative how bad this bill – or any attempt to tax the Internet – is for the economy and the American taxpayer.  Ask to speak directly to the Legislative Assistant in charge of this issue.

Will you stand by while the big taxers impose yet another tax on hardworking Americans?

Will you allow establishment insiders to destroy entrepreneurship and innovation online?

Or will you help me FIGHT BACK and stop the establishment from trampling on taxpayers and small businesses yet again?

In Liberty,

“Nathan Adams, Ike Hall, Cade Thacker”
Georgia State Coordinators
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  We must act now if we are going to stop this terrible legislation from passing the U.S. House.

If this bill is passed, it will hurt the American taxpayer, business owners, and YOUR INTERNET PRIVACY!

That’s why I am asking you to call and email your Representative.

Make sure to ask to speak to the Legislative Assistant on this issue directly when you call!

Tell your Representative how bad this bill – or any attempt to tax the Internet – is for the economy and the American taxpayer.