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Sovereignty/Anti-Feds Rally in Aiken, South Carolina

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Sovereignty/Anti-Feds Rally in Aiken, South Carolina

We held our rally today and were very fortunate to have beautiful weather with not even a single cloud in the sky. We got off to a slow start but soon had a nice-sized group with signs, flags and fliers on the main road in Aiken. We received an enthusiastic response throughout with a lot of people honking their horns and giving us thumbs up. About half way through we got a real morale booster from a particularly enthusiastic man that got us all to chuckling. Quite a few folks who were there at the recreation center came over and asked what was going on. We gave out a good many fliers and talked with folks about Federal intrusions in our lives. Most of them were very sympathetic to our message of State sovereignty. A politician who is running for the General Assembly came over and…

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