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Ron, Rand and Romney

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I have been at war with the Republican Party my entire adult life. Not as a liberal, but as a conservative. The obvious conservative things I always wanted the GOP to do — cut spending, shrink government, follow the Constitution — it never did. The things the GOP did instead, which seemed to satisfy many conservatives — unnecessary wars, empowering the executive branch, spying on citizens — were not only reckless and damaging, but a tragic diversion for the American right. I hope that four years removed from suffering through the most big-government Republican administration in history, conservatives have learned some lessons. And anyone who still entertains the notion that the Bush/Cheney Republican model represents any type of conservatism needs to go pay President Obama the right-wing respect he deserves. The only “change” Obama’s given us is even more debt and drone strikes.

Rand Paul is what I want the Republican Party to be. Rand Paul is what I believe the Republican Party is becoming. Over 2 million people voted for Ron Paul for president in this election. That’s double the amount from his 2008 campaign. Ron Paul’s limited government and constitutionalist ideas have not only gained traction, they’ve been injected back into conventional Republican debate. Dr. Paul’s forces have made substantial inroads into the Republican Parties of a dozen-plus states, and the liberty movement the establishment continues to fear, conservatives cheer.

This is not to say that all, or even most, conservatives cheer Ron Paul. It is to say that they cheer for many of his ideas, from auditing the Federal Reserve to $1 trillion in spending cuts. It is also to say that virtually all conservatives cheer his son Rand, who promotes the same ideas as his father, albeit in a different style and manner.

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