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Roger Stockton Announces Day of Resistance Medallion

1 min read

Roger Stockton co-founder of Western Representation PAC and national organizer of Day of Resistance joins Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace for ‘ Announces Day of Resistance Medallion’ Roger discusses reasons for the Day of Resistance 2nd Amendment rallies around the country. He also shares thoughts on an upcoming financial crisis and why it may spin into hyperinflation. Along with taking action to defend our right to keep and bear arms he introduces the Day of Resistance Silver medallion as a way to get out of the dollar while holding a piece of history and supporting the fight for freedom.

Roger Stockton is a small business owner and former firefighter. Roger has owned several small businesses including a successful small technology firm specializing in supporting manufacturing operations and small business systems. As an employer, he understands the burdens placed on job creators by over reaching bureaucracies and the challenges business owners face every day. Click here to listen.