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Republican Congressman Ridicules His Party For Lame Hashtag

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Rep. Justin Amash says Republican leadership are wrong to try to blame Obama for the sequester — especially with such a terrible Twitter hashtag. “I think it’s kind of 2008.”

WASHINGTON — Rep. Justin Amash has a message for the masterminds of his leadership’s recent fascination with the use of Twitter hashtags: forget the marketing games and get back to the substance.

“I occasionally use hashtags, but I think it’s kind of 2008,” said Republican Rep. Justin Amash, a conservative Republican who has become one of the party’s more effective users of Twitter and social media. “It’s just a marketing ploy a lot of times, and they hope it takes off,” he added. “Some of them do take off, but I don’t think it’s that frequent that they do.”

Within the past month, House Republican leaders have regularly unveiled new hashtags for each new messaging push: “#NoBudgetNoPay,” “#RequireAPlan,” and, most recently, “#Obamaquester” have all been broadcast by flacks on Twitter and affixed to lecterns at press conferences.

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