Rasmussen Poll shows Murray behind


Rasmussen Poll shows Murray behind

Rasmussen Reports has published a poll showing long time incumbent liberal Senator Patty Murray (D-Shoreline) behind two of her potential November opponents. Murray has been in the US Senate for three full terms during which she has consistently voted for more government spending and adding to the federal government deficit. Fifteen candidates have signed up to run for the seat. Two Republicans, Clint Didier and Dino Rossi, appear to be the leading contenders to face Murray on the November ballot.

With Washington’s Top 2 system, all fifteen candidates go on the primary ballot. Voters are allowed to express an opinion on just one of them. The polls indicate Murray being by far the most popular Democrat on the ballot. Amongst Republicans, there are three candidates running vigorous campaigns: Paul Akers, Clint Didier and
Dino Rossi.

Rasmussen asked voters how they would vote in two possible November elections. Didier led Murray 48-45%. Rossi led Murray 48-45%. The Democratic National Senatorial Campaign Committee is sending out regular emails about why they believe Rossi is a bad guy. The Democrats seem to believe Murray has a better chance of beating Didier than Rossi, but it is not obvious from these polls.

Incumbent Murray has raised far more money due to her ability to approach big money donors. However, her campaign could be in trouble if she is held to less than 50% of the vote in the primary. If the Republican candidates collectively receive over 50% of the vote, donors are likely to jump on the bandwagon of Murray’s opponent.

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