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Rasmussen: 58% want to repeal ObamaCare

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Rasmussen: 58% want to repeal ObamaCare

More and more people want to repeal the recently passed healthcare bill. Rasmussen reports a 4-point rise in the last three weeks, bringing the number of Americans who want repeal to a whopping 58%.

We think we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way Americans interact with their government. In years gone by citizens were submissive. When the politicians spoke, we listened. When they told us to jump, we asked them how high. When they proclaimed an issue settled, we meekly accepted their dictate. But not any longer.

Americans are increasingly fighting against Statist proposals not only before they pass, but also after. The REAL ID scheme for a national identity card was an early example (and was the first to call for repeal). Now the healthcare bill is another example. But . . .

This change in the American people still has a long way to go. Please consider . . .

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