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Video: Rand Paul supports ‘Day of Resistance’ says ‘We have a President not a King’

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There are over 120 rallies being held today in peaceful protest the US Federal Governments attempt to violate American’s 2nd Amendment rights and President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders. The debate over guns has inspired millions of political trans-partisan Americans to voice  that their innate right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Rand Paul – ‘I support the peaceful resistance against any politician who thinks they can cherry pick what constitutional rights they think Americans should have’

Senator Rand Paul produced this video in support of the 2nd Amendment rallies across the United States on .223 known as the Day of Resistance. In the video below Senator Paul said some very strong words, ‘the notion that a president of the United State can simply issue executive orders limiting citizens constitutional rights, even as much as 23 executive orders, is something the 2nd Amendment was designed to prevent – we have a president not a king, kings make demands by issuing edicts and decrees’