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Rand Paul: Country Is Ready For A “Libertarian Republican Narrative”

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CHRIS WALLACE, “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” MODERATOR: Let me interrupt for a second, because I thought that you were objecting to drone strikes on American citizens on foreign soil as well. Is that not true?

SENATOR RAND PAUL (R-KENTUCKY): I’m primarily asking, and the primary question is: Americans on American soil, can the president kill them with a drone strike from his program? It’s blatantly illegal and I would think most Americans would want to be — have their day in court.

And so, I disagree with Senator Graham. If you live in America, you ought to get your day in court before hellfire missile comes down on your house.

WALLACE: But I’m confused, sir, why would we need a drone strike? I mean, the reason for that is because we don’t have people on the ground. If we knew where an al Qaeda operative was —

PAUL: You would think.

WALLACE: — American or foreign, on U.S. soil, wouldn’t we just go catch him?

PAUL: You would think.

But here’s Brennan’s response. He says the authorization to use force in 2001 in Afghanistan has no geographical limits. So, when he says that, our first question is — gosh, he is implying he could do it in America. So, we sent him a written question.
Senator Wyden asked him a verbal question: can you kill an American on American soil? And he won’t answer.

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