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Peter Schiff Says U.S. Government is in a Bubble Ready to Burst

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Peter Schiff Says U.S. Government is in a Bubble Ready to Burst

Peter Schiff has been sounding the warning for some time on the inevitable bubble that the U.S. government is becoming, and once that bubble bursts, according to Schiff, there’s nowhere else to go but to experience what he calls a “financial hangover.”

The most recent bubbles related to the tech industry, which when it burst led to the Federal Reserve creating the pain of the housing bubble, which we’re still in the midst of, and now Schiff says once the government bubble bursts, it will be devastating to our economy, and the consequences will be extremely painful for the majority of Americans.

Who knows how far it will reach beyond America as well, as the housing crisis shows, as many institutional investors, including countries, had invested deeply into securities backed by the mortgages which collapsed.

What will happen in the bond market is anyone’s guess, but whatever happens, it’s not going to be good, at least as far as the Treasury market goes.

Schiff and others who understand what’s going on have been strongly arguing and urging the government to remove itself from the private market and quit their socialist agenda…

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