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Peter Schiff: New US currency is Gold Dollars

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Peter Schiff: New US currency is Gold Dollars

By Mike Ward
The U.S. Treasury Dept. has officially approved an historic switch. Starting days from now, you’ll be able to exchange regular paper dollars for a more valuable form of money. Experts are calling America’s new legal currency “Gold Dollars.”

Because each “dollar” is backed by one gram of pure, 24-karat gold… You’ll be able to use this money just like regular dollars. You can buy anything from shoes to wine, cars to houses.

The only difference?

Since the money is backed by physical gold (stored in Fort Knox-like security), it could prove the smartest “investment” you ever make. The purchasing power of each “dollar” goes UP whenever gold rises. That means…

You can get richer… every time Congress passes another trillion-dollar spending package, fueling inflation…

You can get richer… every time the world flees into gold thanks to geopolitical instability (think North Korea successfully testing a nuclear bomb)…

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