New Hampshire to Review Federal Financial Control of our State Sovereignty

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New Hampshire to Review Federal Financial Control of our State Sovereignty

…..In a recent town hall meeting a lady was explaining to me that if we as a State simply participated in more Federal programs we would get more Federal money and be like those States who get back 2 and 3 dollars for every dollar we sent to Washington D.C. instead of the 85 cents on the dollar that we get back now.

Unfortunately a portion of those Federal programs must be paid for by the State budget, and in the process we must make State laws that comply with the requirements to participate in those programs; the Federal government can change the rules any time they like and we are forced to comply or leave the program. The Federal government has been known on occasions to create programs that get the people hooked on a social service just to remove Federal funding later and leave the State holding the bag or explaining to the citizens why we have to cut the program; in other cases they leverage existing grants to demand we participate in unrelated programs and spend our own money doing so.

While the State budget his hemorrhaging, and taxes are at the breaking point one only has to step back and look at the big picture to see what is happening. The Federal government takes nearly twice as much in taxes under the 16th amendment from the citizens of New Hampshire as the State; every Federal incentive is for the State to spend more money to qualify for more grants, and thus become more dependent on Federal control and write more State laws to satisfy Federal demands. …

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