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Liberty Hits Primetime (I): “Freedom Watch”

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Liberty Hits Primetime (I): “Freedom Watch”

Libertarians have long noted the necessity of gaining mainstream, unbiased television coverage for expanding and “mainstreeting” their constituency. As Thomas E. Woods recently put it: “You can’t put a price tag on having a regular television program hosted by a knowledgeable and persuasive defender of property, peace, sound money, civil liberties, and the rest of the alternatives the American public is rarely allowed to consider.” (1) Or as Nolan Chart founder Walt Theissen once succinctly headlined an article: “The Revolution Must be Televised!” (2)

“Now,” the New York Times reported June 13, “the upstart Fox Business [Network (FBN)] is making room for libertarian talk,” in an article on the cable debut of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “libertarian talk show” on FBN, “Freedom Watch”.

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