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Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC explains ‘How Empty Headed Rand Paul’s Stunt Was’

2 min read

Lawrence O’Donnell launched a string verbal attacks against Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. O’Donnell backing his arguments against the courageous Senator using a video of floor comments by the Republican old guard and dinner mates of President Obama – John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

While both of O’Donnell’s guest tried to have a reasonable discussion Lawrence could not resist continual attacks on Senator Paul’s character:

O’Donnell calls Rand Paul ‘Horribly Flawed Messenger’

and ‘how Empty Headed Rand Paul’s stunt was’

and ‘He said things that were a little bit more than Crazy

and ‘Rand Paul Pretended that his Performance art turn on the Senate floor yesterday was about forcing the Obama administration to answer a question’

and ‘Spewing Infantile Fantasies’

and ‘I haven’t heard anything Sleazier than that on the Senate floor’

and ‘Rand Paul is Stark Raving Mad

and ‘Perfect reason NOT to stand with Rand’

and ‘Do you think there’s more than 14 minutes of actual contact in what that Psychopath said on the Senate floor’

and ‘if you want to #StandWithRand – do you want to stand with all of the Vile Spewing Madness that came out of that Crazy Person’s mouth’

and ‘your standing with a Crazy person’

and ‘there has never been a filibuster that wasn’t a Stunt and wasn’t Pandering

…meanwhile O’Donnell’s guests were trying to have a relevant discussion about civil liberties and the fact that Rand Paul actual brought this important issue of using drones to kill American people to the country’s dinner table for the first time…