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Koster Opens Up Lead in KING 5 Poll!

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Koster Opens Up Lead in KING 5 Poll!

The following is an excerpt from a KING 5 News article “Larsen vs. Koster: race gets tight, candidates on edge” written today by Robert Mak:

John Koster

“Also today, a new KING 5 poll shows Republican challenger Koster slightly ahead of Democratic incumbent Rick in the 2nd Congressional District. Of likely voters polled in Washington state, 50% tell SurveyUSA they would vote for Koster, 46% for Larsen. 4% are undecided in a poll with a +/- 4% margin.

“In the poll, both candidates are holding support within their respective parties. It’s independents who are breaking in the Republican column.”

You can watch the Koster-Larsen debate this weekend on KING 5’s “News Up Front.” Airtimes this weekend are as follows:

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