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Judge Napolitano and Jake Towne Interview on FOX Freedom Watch

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Judge Napolitano and Jake Towne Interview on FOX Freedom Watch

Yesterday I traveled to the Fox News studios in New York City for my third appearance on Judge Napolitano’s show, Freedom Watch. The race is attracting some national news attention not just due to the novel-yet-simple Open Office idea – interview also embedded below – but because my campaign is taking on, as the Judge said, two “big-money statist” candidates. The latest poll results I wrote about here.

These are exciting times for the campaign, on Saturday volunteers on a flyer blitz delivered 4,000 flyers to residences in the district. A “Towne” Hall on Monday was well attended by supporters, but roughly two-thirds of the crowd were all new faces. On Tuesday, I interviewed with WAEB’s Bobby Gunther Walsh who has the Lehigh Valley’s most well-known news and talk show, and was invited to join his speaker rotation in 2010. Yesterday I also traveled to the Upper Perkiomen and Pottstown section of my district to deliver a speech to the Pottstown Patriots, one of many new liberty-minded groups springing up all over the area. Last week’s presentation on monetary policy to the Concerned Citizens of Upper Perkiomen Valley for Smaller Government is here.

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