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Is US Bank Breaking the Law?

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Is US Bank Breaking the Law?

Is US Bank a legal CA Corporation? – US Bank is not listed with the CA Secretary of State. Interesting that when naming US Bancorp in a lawsuit, US Bancorp pushes all lawsuits onto “US Bank” (which doesn’t seem to be a legal entity)

Is American Serving Co. a legal entity? – We have not been able to find ANY Articles of Incorporation anywhere in the United States for this major US Bank servicing agent.

Did US Bank Verify Income on the Loans they Issued? – Did US Bank grant loans, fully aware of fraudulent borrower information?

Where did US Bank get it’s Money? – If US Bank is claiming they were injured during a forclosure, don’t they need to provide basic accounting showing where the initial loan funding came from?

Does US Bank have the Original Note from ANY loan?

Is US Bank using lawful means to evict former homeowners from their properties?

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