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Is Medicare A Workable Model For Reform?

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Is Medicare A Workable Model For Reform?

Alan Markow at CAIVN seems to think so, with his article entitled “Medicare: if it works for seniors, it can work for all of America.”

I wanted to share with you the comment that I left:

If it works for seniors, then it can work for the rest of us. But because it doesn’t work for seniors, it is unlikely that it will work for the rest of us. Your personal anecdote is a great story to hear, but many seniors don’t feel that the one-size-fits-all system is very responsive to their needs. More importantly, Medicare is insolvent. It represents a vast, unfunded liability that will soon bankrupt our government’s finances and require more crippling taxation (which hurts workers) and runaway inflation (which hurts consumers). It’s hardly the model for a successful health care reform.

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