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Indys Give Ron Paul 18 Points Over Obama

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Indys Give Ron Paul 18 Points Over Obama

Independent American voters favor Texas congressman Ron Paul over President Barack Obama by 18 points, a new survey from Public Policy Polling shows.

In the hypothetical match-up, Obama still beats all Republicans overall, yet shows he is slipping fast. The President leads Mike Huckabee 46-44, and Mitt Romney 45-42.

Overall, Obama also beats out Newt Gingrich (47-39), Sarah Palin (50-41), and Ron Paul (46-36).

However, it is Ron Paul, whose strict fiscal conservative, constitutional, and anti-war platform that attracts an overwhelming amount of independent support, who see him favorably by a 35-25 margin. They also support him over Obama by 18 points, the survey shows.

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