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House vote reveals ObamaCare’s weak spot: the individual mandate

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A crack has opened in the ObamaCare dike.

In a stunning setback for the controversial health care law’s supporters, 22 House Democrats yesterday joined 227 Republicans to delay its linchpin provision, the individual mandate.

In so doing, they revealed the law’s Achilles heel.

Senate Republicans should capitalize on this breakthrough by forcing a vote on the mandate delay as soon as possible.

The vote to delay the individual mandate, which is the law’s least popular provision, passed 251 to 174. As noted, 22 Democrats crossed the aisle. Earlier, the House had voted 264 to 161 to delay the law’s employer mandate; 35 Democrats crossed the aisle on that one. The two delays were folded into a single bill.



This morning, the Left and the press are universally pooh-poohing the bill’s chances in the Senate. It’s dead, they say. A symbolic vote. A waste of time.

The truth is ObamaCare has suffered its first real setback in four years.

Republicans have found a health care argument that works. They should pound it.

If they can delay the mandate, they can kill whatever lingering aura of “inevitability” the troubled law retains. If they delay the mandate, they effectively halt the takeover.

The Victory in Context
Yesterday’s breakthrough comes on the heels of a string of bad breaks for the embattled Washington takeover. The President’s cheery “The law is working!” narrative has been embarrassingly off-key over the past few weeks. All signs suggest HHS is struggling to get the exchanges off the ground by October 1st as required. And recent reports suggest that insurance premiums are going to be higher in the exchanges, and the competition will be less robust, than supporters have claimed.