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Harry Reid Joins With in Stoking Racial Flames, Encouraging Riots

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Liberty Pulse is monitoring the internet and Twitter for information you need to know:

Oh-so-moderate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Socialist-NV) is singing the same tune as as they attempt to get George Zimmerman killed in the wake of his acquittal by a jury of his peers.

Reid is pledging to encourage the Justice Department to look at the Zimmerman case and pursue civil rights charges against him for acting in self-defense.

Meanwhile in the real world… is stoking the flames just like Senator Reid, Harry Reid, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, and anyone else using the Race Politics of the Zimmerman case are directly responsible for all property damaged, any physical violence, and, God forbid, any deaths that result from their reckless opposition to the outcome of the trial.

Just today, someone I’ve known for years (he lives in Pennsylvania), posted this on Facebook. I will not include his name for the sake of his safety.

“I don’t mind the occasional close call when riding my motorcycle…I really don’t. That’s the chance I choose to take being a motorcycle enthusiast. But, when someone tries to deliberately run you down (in front of your own driveway, mind you) and shouts back at you, “That’s for Trayvon”, I really start to wonder. I’ve never met either Trayvon or the guy who killed him. How do I figure in the grand scheme of things, in that regard?”

Thankfully, no harm came to him. This time. The consequences of the irresponsible treatment of this unfortunate case by those on the Progressive left need to be noted and perhaps legal charges need to be brought to bear.