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Hahn’s Masterpiece of Macroeconomics

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Hahn’s Masterpiece of Macroeconomics

Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson has long been considered by Austrians as the perfect introduction to economics. Hazlitt put a great deal of effort into dispelling the mercantilist and Keynesian myths that pervade contemporary economic thought. However, despite Hazlitt’s valuable insights in Economics in One Lesson, his book does not really touch upon Austrian theory.

Students of Austrian economics oftentimes find it necessary to jump from Economics in One Lesson to a much more difficult textbook, such as Mises’s Human Action or Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State, without any type of intermediate preparation. Although kudos must be given to any beginning student capable of finishing either treatise, the fact remains that, given the lack of an introduction to the topics put forth in these magna opera, the student, more often than not, walks away with an incomplete understanding.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has finally filled the gap! It has done so by reintroducing into print Lucien Albert Hahn’s long-lost classic, Common Sense Economics. This book represents the climax of Hahn’s intellectual journey. It is not just an introduction to sound economics, but also an excellent refutation of Keynesian theory. Through Common Sense Economics, L. Albert Hahn provides the reader with the intermediary step between the basics (Economics in One Lesson) and more advanced material (Human Action)…

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