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Dud Terrorism: The New Psychological Weapon

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Dud Terrorism: The New Psychological Weapon

This is a huge post. This contains links and excerpts from all of my research pertaining to Osama bin Laden, Underwear Bomber, and the NYC SUV bomber.

Dud Terrorism is a new Psychological Weapon being used by the Military Industrial Complex to drum up support for more ENDLESS WAR and recruit clueless 18 year old Americans for cannon fodder.

Dud Terrorism is also being used by the Federal Govt. and the Mass Media to promote the loss of civil liberties as something positive. Submitting yourself to a bodyscanner which shows your naked body to a stranger, a patdown in which you are felt up, and not to mention the exposure to radiation from the machine…are all now the safe and necessary thing to do to prevent another UNDERWEAR BOMBER (DUD TERRORIST ATTACK AKA FALSE FLAG)

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