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Dispelling 8 Lies Of Conservative Statist Migrant Control

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Dispelling 8 Lies Of Conservative Statist Migrant Control

Why is it when Americans talk about moving abroad to places like Europe or north to Canada we assume we have the right and freedom to do so, but when many of those same individuals hear of people moving north to our country we claim they have no right?

This is an issue of big government and government control as well as liberty opposition to migration comes from a statist mindset.

The basic foundation of the migrant control issue is something that completely flies in the face of the libertarian non-aggression axiom. Murray Rothbard not only promoted the non-aggression axiom, but also he rejected the concept of imagined geographic land boundaries controlled by the state. This would mean that to support the deportation and human control that is promoted by the anti-migrant movement you must throw out both of those basic libertarian principles. To cage and round up people just for being within certain imagined boundaries is to initiate force and it is the crusade of the Neo-Cons. Just because some conservatives say small government when they talk about health care or welfare it does not really mean they really support small government. This is the perfect issue to show that…

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