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Disgraced Former New York Gov. Patterson Considers Run for Congress…

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if disgraceful incumbent Charlie Rangel decides to finally call it a career (I wouldn’t bet on it).
This should be fun to watch.

Apparently New York City doesn’t have enough wannabe rehabilitated politicians attempting a comeback.

Today, former Congressman Anthony Weiner (gotta love that name!) announced that there were, in fact, other women (other than the ones we know about, and the Clinton’s best gal pal, his wife) that he attempted to cavort with online.

As if Big Apple politics weren’t quite entertaining enough after that, former New York Governor David Patterson announced he would consider a run for Congress if longtime Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel declined to run for another term.

Rangel is well known for being corrupt, but darn if he’s not a sharp dresser!

In case you’re in need of a refresher from Patterson’s tenure as Governor:
– Both Patterson and his ex-wife admitted to having affairs.
– Patterson was charged with witness tampering and perjury.
– He was fined over $60,000 for soliciting and accepting World Series tickets from the New York Yankees.

The irony is that Mr. Patterson was appointed Governor after the incumbent, Elliot Spitzer (now running for New York City Comptroller), was forced to resign in the wake of being revealed as Client Number 9.

Governor Patterson briefly ran for re election in 2010 before bowing out instead of facing the inevitable drubbing he’d have recieved by current Governor, Andrew Cuomo in the Democrat Primary. New Yorkers may have some limits to the corruption they’re willing to endure.

Or maybe not. If David Patterson runs, Harlem Voters may not even notice Rangel retired!

Julian StolzJulian is a life long resident of Emmaus, Pennsylvania where he has served on the East Penn School Board of Directors since age 19. From 2010-2012 he served as Executive Director of Pennsylvanians for Right to Work, Inc. Julian considers moving the Republican Party to support more individual Liberty and Constitutional Freedom a lifelong passion.