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Calling Anarcho-Syndicalists

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Calling Anarcho-Syndicalists

I am looking for a new writer on Gonzo Times. This is a call to Anarcho-Syndicalists, and other socialist leaning individuals to join us. My traffic has been increasing and we have been getting a little more attention. I wish to unite with the Anarcho-Syndicalists to write on the site and help us close a gap that exists. I tend to lean to the An-Cap and fall somewhere in the middle around a mutualist perspective. My views are very pro-syndicalist however my perspective is more Anarcho-Capitalist. I would like someone who can write on issues and perspectives and solutions from an Anarcho-Syndicalist view point. We have had a dominant Anarcho-Capitalist presence here and we wish to reach out and give voice to the side that is often at odds with certain perspectives here.

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