Biden: Obama Really Is ‘Bright’

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Biden: Obama Really Is ‘Bright’

Vice President Joe Biden is rallying a defense of his boss, fighting slurs that President Obama is in over his head and lashing out at “Tea Party Republicans.”

In Oklahoma this week where Obama isn’t high in the polls, the veep said the president isn’t just smart, he’s got strength and character.

“People knew Barack was really bright, they knew Barack was straight, they knew Barack was a different kind of politician. What they didn’t know was just how strong he was. Republicans spent a lot of time trying to tag him as a follower, not a leader. Well, he’s put that to bed,” said Biden. [See photos of the Obamas behind the scenes.]

What’s more, said Biden, a long-serving and influential senator on foreign affairs, the president proved his mettle in getting Osama bin Laden, though new reports say he almost aborted the mission….

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