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An Article V Convention; What Else I Wanted To Tell Mike Church

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An Article V Convention; What Else I Wanted To Tell Mike Church

Recently, I was a guest on the Mike Church radio program as lead in guest to his radio symposium on an Article V Convention on April 9, 2010. I enjoyed talking to Mike. Mike obviously has studied the Article V issue in detail. He knows his material. As a result, he supports using Article V to resolve the issues of this nation.

Due to time program constraints, I only had a few minutes on Mike’s program to talk about an Article V Convention. I wish I had had more time for there were many things I wanted to discuss with him and his audience.

We began by talking about some of the myths surrounding the Article V Convention. It is no secret that all of these myths began with the anti-convention campaign of the 1980’s by the John Birch Society. It’s also no secret while the JBS and those who believe the lies told by them may complain a reason a convention should not be held is because “we can’t control the agenda of a convention” the fact is the JBS has controlled the agenda of the convention, indeed the agenda of the entire Constitution, for the past 35 years. Indeed, it is because JBS has controlled the agenda that we find ourselves currently in this mess. They are solely to blame for this. Because of the completely unfounded fears the JBS has generated over using an Article V Convention to propose amendments to this Constitution as an alternative to expecting Congress to do so, this insignificant right wing extremist organization has totally shut down the amendatory process. As a result, when that process has been required and needed most it has been unavailable…

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