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American Truth – Da Wize Deciple (Blunt Cipher Season 4)

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American Truth – Da Wize Deciple (Blunt Cipher Season 4)


American Truth
(Freestyle Ranting)
We’re a socialistic gov’t ran by puppets
We’re supposed to be a constitutional republic

The great statue of liberty that used to hold a torch
Is now a statue of misery holdin a pitch fork
Impaling the heart of habeas corpus which is a corpse
That was murdered by the rogue gov’t supreme courts
We’re a socialistic gov’t ran by puppets
We’re supposed to be a constitutional republic (3x)
Unplug from the Matrix and stop being agents
Mental enslavement is what we’re facing in this nation
We sit around like animals in cages
Staring into a large box like a primitive cave man
Mindless vessels controlled by entertainment
Subliminal programming by their visual arrangements
They even calculated the timing of every statement
This is the reason evil is loved and good is hated
The Patriot Act wasn’t designed by a patriot
Where my patriots at so we can stand up and change it
Barack Obama you ran on a campaign of change
But you’re exactly the same as your predecessors that came
A globalist, socialist liar who couldn’t stick to his claims
Oh there’s one difference you gotta different color of face
Therefore you got support of 3/4 of the black race
You doing the same thing I don’t know why they give you praise
I stand back amazed we living in the Last Days
But that’s too forbidden to say in the United States
See a man submitted to God will not fully submit to man
Why you think the gov’t has pushed God out of its plans
So you only see them when you look up as high as you can
You are now mindless puppets on strings controlled by their hands
They’re deliberately dumbing us down into primitive fools
This the ultimate agenda of the public schools
Flouride, vaccinations, contaminated stuff in the food
Don’t let the gov’t tools inject your kids with the flu
Don’t trust the mainstream media as a valid source of news
Labeling 9/11 Truth as a terrorist group
Oh we’re terrorists now just for wanting the truth?
They went looking for proof and they followed the clues
Now you scared cuz the evidence is pointing at you
The gov’t controls the media and tells it what to do
Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are staging a coup
So look out Tea Party cuz they coming for you
I’m Alex Jones in rhyme form at the Bilderberg group
Luke Rudowski with a megaphone and small camera crew
Robert Wanek standing against indoctrination in school
George 4title exposing the economical truth
Go look up the Bohemian Grove
Where your leaders dance around in robes
And do shameful acts as they sell their souls
They discuss global warming on the phone
Cuz they couldn’t leave they homes
Cuz the whole state was covered in snow
They wanna tax us for the air we breathe out of our nose
If Lord Monckton comes around Al Gore’s a no show
The thing all abortion supporters have in common
Is that they’ve all been born but must have forgotten
Don’t take an innocent life when there’s another option
You SELFISH SCUMBAG just give it up for adoption
We got an unalienable right to life
YOU HEAR ME!? Right to life
Everyday our children are sacrificed
To the god of Self
Everybody in this country need to vote for Dr. Ron Paul in 2012
I DON’T HATE GAYS! I just hate it when you force it in my face
Trying to get the definition of marriage changed
It ain’t pride when you march around in your parades
If you accepted your life you wouldn’t care what people say
You don’t gotta go outside with your lifestyle on display
Your not commanded to go out and preach it everyday
I ain’t hatin so please don’t hate
Just leave a comment on the bottom of the page if you wanna debate
If I offended you I don’t apologize for the truth
I’m a butterfly you other guys just hide in your cocoons
It’s Da Wize….Deciple

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