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Am I The Only One Seeing This

2 min read

I’m a little worried about my comprehension.  As far as this immigration bill goes, I really don’t understand either side of the argument very well.

On the one side we have big government Republicans and the lockstep Democrats (impressive synchronization) pushing for a system that “rewards” immigrants.  Do we really believe that subjecting a bunch of immigrants to big government is going to make them grateful to us over time?  From my vantage point, that seems idiotic.

Imagine that you’ve been living outside the reach of big government, with its ever-changing tax policies and a federal tax code that’s almost four million words long.  MOST of the illegal immigrants I’ve interacted with have struck me as incredibly hard-working and moral people who are figuring out a way to live fruitful and happy lives outside the eye of the federal government.

I wonder how immigrants will feel when they try to figure out all the ways the state demands to track their interactions.   I wonder how they’ll feel after  government handouts decimate their communities the same way they’ve destroyed the black community.  I’ll wonder how they feel about the government’s position on teaching your children about Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

We should kill this legislation because it’s bad for everyone.  It’s not good for immigrants because after the scraps from the table they receive, what they’re left with is a DECADE of special government servitude and community destruction, with guys like Lindsey Graham expecting a “Thank You”.

I have enough respect for all the illegal immigrants I’ve ever interacted with to offer this warning: when the government comes to you promising things in exchange for you doing something, the government always collects your end of the bargain and rarely delivers on their end.

If they somehow pass immigration reform (no foregone conclusion) this will be our message:

Dear Immigrants,

When you inevitably realize that this bill was more about casino money and political backscratching then it was about all that flowery bullshit they are spewing, come find us, we’ve been there.


People who get it.