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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Gets MSNBC Deal, Toxic Little Queens Say Little

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What happens if you’re a celebrity, liberal stalwart, and have a propensity for using homophobic language in online diatribes?  You get an MSNBC deal.  That’s what’s ahead for Alec Baldwin, according to the Huffington Post, which managed to take some time off of reporting on Justin Bieber’s micturition habits in order to cover Baldwin’s impending deal.

Where’s Angelo Carusone when you need him? The leader of Stop Beck, and Chief Toxic Little Queen, Carusone was last heard from when he hired on at Media Matters to lead their storm troopers in an effort to quash Fox News, because free speech only counts when liberals agree with the speech in question.  It’s been three years, and while Carusone and friends continue their quixotic quest to take out Fox News, MSNBC went and hired Alec Baldwin. It’s okay for Alec Baldwin to use gay-bashing pejoratives, because he’s on the side of good and right and seeks to advance the liberal agenda.

No, no, no…it’s okay to bash conservatives and even impugn their brain function for opposing gay marriage, as Salon did when it cited the following study:

A recent study, for instance, found that “individuals with marked involuntary physiological responses to disgusting images, such as of a man eating a large mouthful of writhing worms, are more likely to self-identify as conservative and, especially, to oppose gay marriage than are individuals with more muted physiological responses to the same images.” In other words, there’s now data to back up what we’ve always kind of known: The average conservative, much more than the average liberal, is having visceral feelings of disgust toward same-sex marriage. And then, when these conservatives try to consciously reason about the matter, they seize on any information to support or justify their deep-seated and uncontrolled response — which pushes them in the direction of believing and embracing information that appears to justify and ratify the emotional impulse.

Really. You don’t say.  So, individuals who self-identify as conservatives have a strong reaction to disgusting imagery, like mouthfuls of writhing worms, while liberals have a more muted response to the same image?  How exactly does this argument help proponents of gay marriage?  Well, we’re not as disgusted by sodomy and eating live worms as you are, and so we’re liberal and better than you! We don’t have to grasp at straws, because it doesn’t bother us to see “disgusting” images.  The fact that it bothers you is proof that you’re just irrational and stuff!

In equating disgusting images with gay marriage, liberal media outlets like Salon manage to make their opponents’ arguments for them, but never let it be said that a liberal understands how to argue for his own position effectively.  No, a liberal understands how to insult, demean, defame, and unfairly impugn.  Substantive arguments are not the strong point of today’s liberals, and neither is restraint in invective.  That’s why Alec Baldwin is about to sign a contract with MSNBC: he knows how to throw shit like a monkey; and like a true liberal, he isn’t grossed out by picking shit up to hurl it in the first place.

jay batmanJay Batman is a graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Law, where he attained his J.D. in May 2013.  He completed a B.A. in English with a minor in Political Science at the University of Montevallo in 2002. He is employed with Dustin Stockton Political Strategies, LLC, and presently resides in West Texas with his dog and co-author, Buddy Love