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A CPAC Diary

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A CPAC Diary

They say ten thousand people attended this year’s CPAC, the largest ever. I don’t doubt it. The comparisons to Woodstock are reasonable. Amidst the scheduled events, it was an ocean of chaos.

To this connoisseur of irony, nothing I’ve seen before compared to some of the things I saw here. John Ashcroft, proponent of the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act, was presented with the “Defender of the Constitution” award. A member of YAF (Young Americans for Freedom, not to be confused with Young Americans for Liberty) boasted of his success in bringing David Horowitz to his campus as a victory for free speech: Horowitz heads an organization that lobbies universities to fire professors for having controversial views, regardless of academic rigor. And following Ron Paul’s address to CPAC attendees, which focused on the madness of interventionism, I left the building to overhear a man boast of having obtained an autograph from the navigator of the Enola Gay