US Soldiers Massacre 16 Afghan Civilians in Killing Spree US officials have vowed to hold the perpetrators responsible, but there is reason to doubt this

An American soldier in Afghanistan murdered at least 16 civilians, including nine children, in a killing spree President Hamid Karzai called an “assassination” that “cannot be forgiven.”Some reports claim there were multiple U.S. soldiers involved, who witnesses said were laughing throughout the massacre and appeared drunk. One Afghan father whose children were killed in the incident accused the soldiers of later burning the bodies.

The soldiers entered a number of homes in two villages in southern Kandahar during the night, killing 16 and wounding nine, although there have been differing reports of the number of casualties. The victims included women, elderly men, and children, one of whom was just two years old.  …….

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Air Strikes in Yemen Kill At Least 45, Allegedly al-Qaeda

The US has been launching its down deadly drone strikes and supporting Yemeni air strikes across the country

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