Throw the Bums Out in 2010

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Throw the Bums Out in 2010

I developed an interest in politics at an early age. My grandfather was an award-winning investigative newspaper reporter who made a name for himself by exposing the activities of the criminal underworld, mafia rings and corrupt politicians. His experience as a journalist helped him realize that his destiny lay in the realm of politics. He was hired by candidates running for congressional and gubernatorial offices and even worked as the state campaign manager for a US president. When I was 8 years old he gave me an American flag that flew over the Capitol building in Washington DC that was given to him by the US congressman for whom he worked for many years.

My grandmother was a successful politician in her own right, having won stunning victories each election cycle. Her reputation for candor and justice for the innocent put her in the national spotlight. She appeared on shows such as Donahue, 60 Minutes and Oprah and was a frequent analyst on CNN news shows. My grandmother took me as her date to countless political events, dinners and dances. I went with her to New York City more than once when she guest-hosted the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

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