Thomas Woods endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor!

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Thomas Woods endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor!

In response to an inquiry from the Medina camp, I gladly offer the following endorsement:

“What an insufferable bore the Texas gubernatorial race would be without Debra Medina. She is giving her fellow Texans a rare choice. They can pick a business-as-usual drone and make the New York Times happy. Or, by choosing a real human being who speaks her mind and tells the truth, they can teach America that there is nothing inevitable about being governed by cliche-spouting robots. Debra’s knowledge of history, economics, and much else, and her contempt for the phony conservatives who have sold Texans out time and again, make her the obvious choice for a thinking person — and for anyone who’d like to kick sand in the face of the political establishment. Vote for anyone else and absolutely nothing changes, as usual. Vote for Debra Medina and the bad guys tremble. You can’t put a price tag on that. Don’t let us down, Texas — the whole country is watching.”

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