‘The Obama Experiment’ Causes Economics Professor to Fail Entire Class

This anecdote taken from facebook gives an analogy of economics through redistribution, enjoy…


‘The Obama Experiment’ Causes Economics Professor to Fail Entire Class

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A…. (substituting grades for dollars – something closer to home and more readily understood by all).

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little..


Resist and Stack Silver

The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F. As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else. To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. It could not be any simpler than that.Remember, there IS a test coming up. The 2012 elections.

These are possibly the 5 best sentences you’ll ever read and all applicable to this experiment:

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

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  • Blondie Deville

    This article is from 2011 you dipsticks, so when you comment make sure you are referring to the right information on this. This is not the prof. from Texas A & M.

  • Piper

    Ignorance makes me sick. We ALL have the same opportunities. Watch “Gifted Hands” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.
    It’s the true life story of Dr. Ben Carson. Don’t bother commenting on my post until you’ve seen the movie and done your research. I’ll never come back to this site to see your comments anyway. I just strongly believe in educating yourself before you vote, something most Americans don’t do. Most identify themselves as Dem or Rep SOLELY based on what someone else thinks, like your parents or your spouse or friend, etc. Try finding out what’s really going on in the world, watch CNN AND FOX to see the difference in reporting. Get the whole picture on the issues, not just the side you want to hear. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    That’s not why he failed them,. at all. His own statement was that they cheated and abused him, verbally. Jesus, you’re way out line, here.

    • Blondie Deville

      You do realize this is from 2011 right? Oh brother… another one where you have to educate them cause they can’t do it themselves…. Lord help us.

  • Andrew

    this is the dumbest thing I’ve read today

  • http://eddiecabot.blogspot.com/ Niceguy Eddie

    Economics fail – on the part of teh professor for describing Obama’s KEYNSIAN policies as SOCIALIST and to the students first for not calling out this same point and second for not arguing it better. Finally, al five of those final statement are either flat out wrong, or misleading to the point of irrelevancy.


  • John

    It’s not how much you are taxed that is most important. What’s most important is how much do you have left to live on after paying taxes.

  • Ryan

    Wow, yet another example of the stupidity of the right-wingers. It would be funny if it didn’t actually work to convince people to vote against their own self interests.

  • Floyd Wilson

    Why do the reich wing fascists always have to lie?

  • John Smith

    Nice straw-man. You obviously are elementary in your understanding of the many factors involved in a modern economy. Your ability to reduce human psychology down to one thing belies a certain naivety that is championed by the truly ignorant or stupid.

  • Michael S. Bennett

    It never happened. Another urban legend repeated without doing any research. What a dolt you are to have reposted this nonsense as if it were true. It has nothing to do with Obama’s legislative agenda or socialism, neither of which you obviously do not understand. What hogwash. Typical right-wing crap. It would expect this from Sarah Grizzly Palin or Michelle Lost Marbles Bachmann or Ted I Need To Go On A Cruz or Marco I Am Not A Diamond Just A Rubio. Non-think repetition just perpetuates the fact that idiot conservatives abound and none of you know anything.

    • brainiacspeaks

      Michael Bennet- Top of the article reads… “This anecdote taken from facebook gives an analogy of economics through redistribution, enjoy… ”
      Bennet, you TOTALLY embarrass yourself with your level of stupidity!! Go on and support your Lord and Savior in the White House, or that totally corrupt Bitch running for President; but while you’re basking in your ignorance, do some research on what living in a third world country is like, because you’re heroes are quickly taking us there!!

      • Michael S. Bennett

        Why in the world would someone reprint an anecdote that has no relationship to any reality unless it were to present it as truth in some realm or another. You are hardly a brainiac…more just another right-wing Obama-hating maniac who no doubt thinks Reagan was the saviour of the world and that the Bushes could do no wrong. Voting for Cruz or Rubio or that wonder of wonders Rand Paul are you??? I never said I supported Hillary (I don’t, by the way, in spite of your absurd assumption) nor am I particularly enamoured of Obama (he is nowhere liberal enough for me). You have no idea who my heroes are. But I will tell you this, Mr. self-styled brainiac, they certainly are not people as confused and obviously ignorant (in the true Latin meaning of the word) as you are.

        • brainiacspeaks

          Oh, NOW you get the fact that it was an “anecdote”!! Your own words “What a dolt you are to have reposted this nonsense as if it were true”. You have no excuses for your stupidity, so quit trying to defend it!! Obviously you never got the original point, and if you weren’t such a brain dead asshole, you’d learn something from the analogy!! Losers like you depend on people like me to help support your lack of success in life! Go back to your friendless life and shut the fuck up!!

          • Michael S. Bennett

            Dear empty-head: the mere fact that you have to resort to specious arguments riddled with ad hominems, non sequiturs, and unsubstantiated claims shows just how inept your brain function is and how uneducated you truly are. I would never depend on someone like you for anything, except perhaps to clear my table in a restaurant or to collect garbage for a city hiring trained chimps–or should that be chumps? The fact that you have to resort to obscenities to make your point further demonstrates your lack of character and vocabulary. And I would guarantee I have had a life far more successful than you have had, have done far more in service to my country than you have, have far more education and a far bigger bank account than you do. So do not make claims you cannot possibly back up. And try learning and using the kind of vocabulary that would show you as an educated, erudite, sophisticated human being instead of the inept and linguistically handicapped dolt you truly are.

          • brainiacspeaks

            You’re hilarious!!! Too bad they let you vote!! I LOVE how you can “guarantee” that you’re more successful than I am!! Too funny!!! I’m surprised somebody with your mindset even HAS a Bank Account!! Okay, I won’t use any profanity in this response, so I’ll just call you a LOSER!!!! Go away and bother somebody else!

          • Michael S. Bennett

            Dea No-brainer: I am not the one who started this discussion. You wrote a comment on my post, so you insisted on injecting yourself where you were neither needed or wanted. And you did so in a most obtrusive and offensive manner. I would match my life’s accomplishments against yours any day. You would come up short in every meaningful category—which makes you THE LOSER!!!!! Don’t bother responding. I will not waste any more time on you and your senseless comments. And why not stop hiding behind an alias that has no bearing to your real self. Why not put your real name out there so you can be ridiculed for the worthless jerk you really are. Bye-bye no-brainer. You have already wasted too much space and time for such meager commentary.

    • Mary Ellen

      Do you think you sound strong when you write in such nasty terms? You show no respect for people with opposing views and YES the public is entitled to having opposing views. Stop the name calling and begin to engage in civil conversation. Don’t try to impress people with double negatives—we already have more than enough negativity!

      • Michael S. Bennett

        Dear Mary Ellen: In the real world (the US in 2015), civil discourse and the free interchange of ideas have long gone by the wayside since Faux Noise became the “gold” standard for news and O’Reilly/Hannity became the gods of wisdom. Only those who shout the loudest and hurl the most invective get listened to. If you do not believe me, then try to explain in other ways how intelligent and competent men, both Republicans and Democrats, moderates with a sense of what it means to govern, consistently get beaten by Tea Baggers and extreme right-wing ideologues. How did Rick Scott get to be governor of Florida over Charlie Crist? Or Scott Walker win in Wisconsin? Or Richard Lugar, an outstanding Republican Senator, lose his seat to a know-nothing Tea Bagger who never before held elective office? Or Joni Ernst, a true dim-wit, win a Senate seat in Iowa (which used to be one of the more intelligent states in the country)? When SCOTUS declared that money was the equivalent of speech, intelligence was doomed, civility perished, and now all we have left is opposing mobs of screamers and ranters. Well, if I have to deal with the mob, at least I am going to lead my mob and attack the hell out of the opposing mobs. Being civil gets you nowhere any more. Personally, I would be happier winning a lottery and packing up my family and my grandchildren and moving to the Tuscan Hill country, letting the kids learn Italian and the wonders of that country, and forget about the US entirely. One thing that “brainiac” had right in his attack on me is the US is headed for third-world status. But not because of liberal or “socialist” policies—rather because the history of the world tells us that when right-wing reactionaries take over governments, nothing good results.

  • RecreationalPilot

    Someone should read Snopes.com. The word ‘Duped’ comes to mind.

    Learn what socialism is.


    if you don’t know how socialismus work,and what it was,please,don’t write about it.And do some study about it first….

  • tcampbellla

    The flaw here being it’s not a zero sum game. In America, we are overspending to such a huge degree that we will be bankrupt as soon as enough people notice there is no way the debt will ever be paid off, Ron Paul seemed to be the only politician who understands this.

    • Kay

      Totally agree with comment about Ron Paul. I watched the movie “Mooseport” last night, former president of the United States runs for Mayor of small east coast town. During mayoral debate with opponent (local handyman and all around nice guy) The question of putting in a stop sign in front of someone’s house is brought up and the former President gives a standard political answer of “I will convene a blue ribbon panel to discuss ideas, involve the army corp of engineers blah blah blah….otherwise, spend tons of other peoples money to accomplish absolutely nothing. His handy man opponent took his turn and asked the woman who did not want the stop sign in front of her house “Why?” Woman’s response was that she didn’t want headlight on her headboard while she was trying to sleep. Handyman’s response, “You ever think about getting some blinds or black out curtains for your bedroom window?” Voila, problem solved for the price of black out curtains……not millions in tax dollars for nothing.:)

    • Floyd Wilson

      Actually America fell into trouble when the reich wing lie about reducing taxes would increase revenue.

      You undertax, not overspend.

      • tcampbellla

        I can’t argue with illogical people, so I will just show evidence:https://youtu.be/jboTeS9Okak

        • Floyd Wilson

          Propaganda from aright wing shill? Really you should try harder to find facts, instead of blindly accepting opinions.

    • Floyd Wilson

      You mean the King of Pork Wrong Paul who has personally increased spending every year he was in office?

      • tcampbellla

        Wow! Don’t worry contrary to the internet slogan, you can fix stupid. It’s called education, get some! Blind faith is a killer!

        • Floyd Wilson

          I have an education, that is what I tried to impart on you to counteract your blind faith in the king of pork Wrong Paul.

  • Jack Atherton

    Actually, the Prof failed them because they threatened to vote Republican.

  • Kelly Sutter

    The commenters below are illogical…. they are circular arguments….you proclaim that socialism works and give an example look at the school system… which implies we all DO have equal access to excellent government run education and so those who succeed actually work at it those who don’t fail because socialism works so well…but then you argue that private school is better because they have money and public schools which get stuck with scraps…. only you cant have it both ways… either socialism based on everyone’s taxes and everyone caring and working so hard to make sure the youth succeeds works the best and gives the best education (clearly not) OR a private school system that works like capitalism gives a better education and despite rumors otherwise runs on a lot less money BECAUSE no government is taking pieces for all the “legwork”… (plus these people still pay taxes to fund you public schools) … chose one but cant be both… also Canada taxes are about 50% of income, no matter the income, to the government… so if you think that’s free good for you but I sure don’t spend that much on my health insurance despite the latest debacle via liberal agenda, lol…

  • Cee Kay

    This is such a crock. Socialism actually doesn’t quite work this way. And frankly, I’ve always gotten straight As without much effort at all, whereas my best friend worked her butt off for Bs. So much for the idea that the amount of work we put into something reaps the exact equivalent reward!

    • Kelly Sutter

      Great, I didn’t work for A’s either…. but in school its not about work you put in its about ability, do you really want a surgeon to work on you who failed medical school but because he tried and put so much effort in they gave him a degree anyway? Right….however in life, despite your grades versus her grades, you either work (job) or you do not, and that is what is meant by put something in and get something out… but idk who told you it would be equivalent… maybe they meant life instead of work???

    • Joell Cruz

      Only, nobody said that the “amount of work we put into something reaps the exact equivalent reward” – you said that! So the fallacy is your own!

    • canuck49

      I am willing to bet that your friend is happier with her B’s than you are with your A’s.

  • David Geffeney

    This never happened. It was a falsified story and doesn’t represent socialism anyway. they would all take one test as a class to pool their resources to complete tasks. it is inefficient for all to take individual tests.

    • RecreationalPilot

      Don’t you love these people who claim ‘Liberty’ and they don’t even have a vague concept of political theory or have taken a comparison course in it? They watch foreigner-own FOX News and follow a bunch of other morons, not knowing what political history is all about

  • krazzy granny

    the opposite is true also when you have a small ruling class (extreme wealthy) and a large underclass this is a powder keg for disaster, every great empire thru out history has fallen when the decadence of the wealthy became more important then the empire

  • Rick Reed

    This professor clearly has an axe to grind, and at the expense of his students. It is very unprofessional.
    This professor should have created an option to take advantage of an answer sheet and knowledge and (inside information) of what the tests would have ahead of time to have even more advantage over those who are trying to work hard and creatively. Those would be a clear metaphor for the entitled elite who have lobbyists and control both parties, but especially the Republican party.

    • HeedTheseWords

      At least he wasn’t grinding the “Affirmative Action” axe by giving certain races of students the answer sheets ahead of time. And he wasn’t granting the illegal immigrant students any unfair advantages. You sound like a member of the Communist Party or at least your metaphoric comments show how unprofessional you are in your slam of the Republican Party.

  • Jim Keutsch

    That isn’t socialism. That’s communism. See
    Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium. It’s also not vaguely like anything actually proposed by any American politician.


    • RecreationalPilot

      That’s moronism.

      No PoliSci professor would make that mistake.

      Simple sheep who believe this, that’s another story.

    • mark

      actually if you read up on these countries you would find that some are not doing well economically. The reason for their failure is socialism. ONe cannot mandate, legislate , economic model socialism which allows the redistribution of wealth to average all socio-economic classes and supply wealth to the poor . Makes no sense, just ask sweden

  • Gene

    Anyone here who doesn’t get this story hasn’t lived under socialism (not
    communism) and hasn’t looked at any country that has tried it. Name
    one socialist country that is actually prospering – including US at this
    point (as we’re almost there already).

    • jcasey

      Guess what, public education for our children is a socialist system, does it work? Yes, more or less, I think teachers should receive raises based on student improvement, but for better or worse, it works. In Canada, our healthcare is a socialist system, does it work? Yes, sure we have a little longer wait times than the U.S., but everyone works towards improving it, and it has, because it affects all of us. At least we don’t have 1/10th of our population uninsured or people going bankrupt because they get sick. Also in Canada, our socialist healthcare costs 8% of our GDP. U.S. healthcare currently costs 18% of your GDP. There is nothing wrong with socialist systems, so long as it benefits all and there are limits in place so no one can abuse it. For example limits should be imposed on how many times and the duration you can be on welfare or unemployment.

      • Kelly Sutter

        pft… I realize this is a year old but here are little details you left out…
        1) People in Canada have lost limbs, eyes, and their lives to things like cancer waiting to be seen by doctors, which is why they cross the boarder here to get immediate medical attention, but let me know when you people fly in for all over the world to go to Canadian hospitals I’ll wait…
        2) How many illegal citizens do you have living in your country stressing your systems, not putting anything in like taxes and sending their income out, and going to the emergency room for things like headaches…or right you live in Canada which is not on the boarder of Mexico but let me know next time you have about 200,000 a year… your system wouldn’t last a decade with 2 million new people putting nothing in so the fact our system is ONLY at 18% GDP (now mores since the new system I am sure) is a miracle….
        3) You pay half your check to taxes, across the board everyone in Canada pays the same amount to your federal, about 50%… how is that FREE??? I sure as hell don’t pay out half my salary for education and healthcare combined so you keep Canada and I keep US thanks…

        • Ashley

          1) You do realize that the Canadian government still pays when a Canadian citizen gets a procedure done in America, right? So they still get the necessary medical treatment at a reasonable price. Also, I’d like some sources on your claim of Canadians losing limbs while waiting for treatment. But even if that’s 100% true, that’s still better than America, where citizens DIE or go bankrupt waiting for medical care that may or may not come.

          2) The vast majority of illegal immigrants in America DO pay taxes, because they use fake social security numbers and money is taken out of their checks. In fact, illegal immigrants to the United States paid $12 billion in taxes in 2012 (citation: http://www.itep.org/immigration/ ), and since a tax refund is out of the question, they get their due from social services like public schools.

          3) Could you at least try to shoot for a realistic number? Even individuals making over $130k a year only pay 30%: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/fq/txrts-eng.html And are you really bragging about the fact that you live in a country that doesn’t value education and healthcare? Congratulations, I guess.

          • Kelly Sutter

            1) AGAIN you come here for medical care, we do not go there so now how would that be that you have the better system? RIGHT. And no, your government does not write checks to our government for your citizens, but please list that source. Unless of course you mean WHEN your government SENDS your citizens here because they cannot handle all the cases they are stuck with, even though Canada is like a 10th of the size of the US…lol…. because we all know you have a shortage of doctors and supplies that is just fact. Oh and now suddenly America’s system is reasonably priced huh? OR its still overpriced and supposable your government pays its, so its reasonably priced only the government doesn’t have any money but taxpayer money so you STILL pay it… your augment is circular. Meantime the Americans dying waiting for healthcare are mostly veterans, and who runs that system??? oh yes the government… based solely on that is why I would not want a government run system but thanks for pointing out why NOT to go that way which is also my entire point… But here are your sources for your crappy system… there are literally hundreds just google WHY IS CANADA’S HEALTHCARE SO BAD… along with other cool facts like that Canada has a HIGHER mortality rate for heart related cases then the US. Canada also has a LOWER survival rate for Cancer then the US has despite AGAIN you only have about 10% the population we do….

            “Zelt does concede that in Canada’s system, where every Canadian citizen is covered, there are limited resources, shortages and often delays”


            “As for our health-care system: It is clearly capable of the best and the worst. It can save a life with remarkable efficiency, or allow people who are dangerously sick to fall through the cracks. Canadians are constantly being promised improvements in family medicine and reductions in wait times, but as things stand, even if I had been “lucky” enough to have a family doctor, I would have had to wait a month and a half before my health assessment could even begin.” Without the extra $1550 for private labs and tests who knows if I would be standing here.


          • Ashley

            This will be my last reply, since clearly none of this will change your mind, but I feel the need to correct some errors here.

            1) Why are you assuming I’m Canadian? I’m American, and I’ve seen both sides of the system. I’ve seen civilians–not veterans, as you claim–slowly cripple themselves while they wait almost ten years for knee surgery. I’ve seen friends refuse to go to the hospital with deadly fevers because they don’t have the insurance to pay for it. And I’ve seen Canadians come over the border because, while the wait for elective surgery there was reasonable, doctors in the US were willing to see them much faster as the simple procedures were already paid for by the Canadian government. I’m certain Americans WOULD go to Canada if they had a choice , but given that Canada prioritizes Canadian citizens and most issues in America have to do with insufficient insurance, going to Canada wouldn’t do any good. Canadians don’t come to America for treatment because it’s BETTER, it’s because it widens the pool of doctors. Also, while you pulled out the one quote from that article that makes the Canadian system look bad, the rest of the piece is one big promotion of the system. Like this:

            “But he says he never had to wait more than five days to see a specialist or get a test. And from [cancer] diagnosis to surgery, it will be just over a month.”

            Now that sounds pretty dang good.

            2) First off, I feel the need to point out that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Federation for Immigration Reform a hate group, so you probably shouldn’t cite them if you want to be taken seriously.

            Second, again, I’m American, so I know the system you’re talking about very well. You claim that immigrants aren’t taxed because they don’t make enough money. That’s a vast misrepresentation of the American tax system: you are taxed at a certain percentage at the time you get your check, and if you aren’t eligible to pay taxes, you get that money back later. But if you’re using a falsified ID number, you CAN’T get that money back, because your name and number don’t match up in the system and it can’t be delivered to you. Hence, the money goes unclaimed. And while you may not have been discussing sales tax, it’s pertinent to bring it up, because immigrants also pay into THAT like everyone else. Yes, that means they can send their children to government-funded schools and can go to emergency centers for treatment (another problem that sane health care reform can fix, since the old model certainly didn’t do anything to address it), but I challenge you to find some solid numbers (i.e. not from a hate group) that show the cost of illegal immigrants on American society far exceeds what they generate in tax revenue. And even then, actually taking companies to task for hiring illegal immigrants would be the place to start fixing what you think is broken, not the health care system. Creating a system that hurts citizens so immigrants don’t abuse it is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

            3) Erm, you missed a pretty crucial step in that math. Look at the form again, where the first step is to subtract around $139k from the amount you actually made.

            So really, it goes more like this:

            $139000 – $138586 = $414
            $414 x 0.29 = $120.06
            $29327 (base) + $120.06 = $29447

            So, basically right around the price you said was perfectly reasonable for an American citizen, at about 21%. And in Canada, that amount also gets you universal health care. Seems like a pretty good bargain to me.

          • Kelly Sutter

            2) WRONG… even if we pretend they all have stolen SS numbers and aren’t faking the system with pretend ITIN cards THEY GET TAX REFUNDS WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING ITS HOW OUR SYSTEM WORKS AND A MAJOR ISSUE HERE… IN THIS COUNTRY people who make less than 10,000 and are single pay nothing in taxes and if married less than 21,000 pay nothing in taxes YET can claim on ACTC per child actually getting you back money you never paid… how much did you think people with 3rd grade educations and very basic English skills would be getting paid here??? THEY DONT MAKE ENOUGH TO PAY TAXES…. federal minimum wage is 7.25 and average hours are 30 a week (so that employers don’t have to provide healthcare)…. you do the math….and the immigrants aren’t the only ones abusing it that’s for sure…. oh and despite the fact you rounded up and left off the billions more that are not being paid, as the article itself states, your article included sales tax which is not the issue at all its income tax lol, but as I just pointed out you have no idea how this system works….oh and just so we are real CLEAR, to get food stamps, housing, medical attention, or even grants for college from the government NO documentation of citizenship is required…BUT if your offering well just send em all to you since you find the strain on a system so helpful, I LOVE when a country so strict about citizenship and allows no illegal citizens amnesty has the audacity to tell us about our immigration issues LMAO…

            “You go down the list of just all the basic services that are provided by American society and it utterly defies any logic to say that illegal aliens could possibly be paying more in taxes than they’re receiving n benefits,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
            The government’s costs of providing basic public programs afforded to anyone in the U.S.—including public school education and emergency health care—far exceeds any tax benefit the government may reap from undocumented workers, Mehlman said. According to the latest Census data the average U.S. public school system spends about $10,000 per year per pupil.
            “How do you pay $10,000 in taxes per year on a $15,000 or $20,000 income? You don’t—other taxpayers pay for it,” Mehlman said. “And most of these people work without health insurance, but that doesn’t mean they or their family members don’t get sick or injured. They just show up at the county hospital and the public pays for that.”
            Critics also point to an increasing flood of undocumented workers collecting the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), which reduces taxes owed by certain individuals with children. That tax credit didn’t exist when Congress passed a law barring illegal immigrants from claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit in 1996, so federal tax law doesn’t specifically prohibit undocumented immigrants with ITINs from collecting the ACTC.
            The IRS paid out $4.2 billion in Additional Child Tax credits to undocumented workers in 2010 compared to $924 million in 2005—a clear indication that undocumented workers were exploiting the law, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration concluded in a 2011 report. Also in 2010, the IRS received more than 1.6 million new ITIN applications.

          • Kelly Sutter

            3) Ok sure we can use your numbers since I’m so off….ready?… 139,000 x .29 = 40,310 PLUS your base amount of 29,327 (I like how you left that off in you example lol) so $69,637… so 70,000 times two is 140,000…LOOK AT THAT ITS HALF JUST LIKE I SAID…its almost like Ive seen your charts and done the math LMAO
            In America, making $139,000 it would be 23,362 assuming you are single and have nothing to write off…this is literally worst case tax scenario which is a third of yours …
            See that America…. for just $46,000 more a year you can have FREE healthcare and education too!!! What a deal….lol
            Like I said, I’ll keep my country and you keep yours…

    • andy wennerstrom

      Very true. The liberal media and college prof’s are trying their best to insure America’s youth votes Democrat as they continue to push for Socialism.

    • RecreationalPilot

      You pack a whole lot of stupid in such a short post.

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  • Filipe Castro

    He is a moron.  This has nothing to do with socialism.

    • Juan Orozco

      You’re the moron, moron! It’s an example of how Socialism takes from some to give to all…exactly what the professor did with the grades.

      • daniel S

        Have you read anything on socialism? From what I have read, this is not socialism at all.

        • john

          guess you can’t read

      • RecreationalPilot

        The scary part is that someone else gave your post a thumbs up. I doubt you could spell, Locke, Riousseau, Marx, Nietzsche, etc. One you learn what their true theories are, then you might speak like an educated person. Now go back and post more stuff about Saul Alinsky.

  • Smithinson1884

    Not really a truly scientific experiment, controlled variables are too numerous in real economics. How about giving 1 percent of the class access too all study material and the rest a few scraps etc.

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  • Ilwuk

    I can’t believe this is a real professor – if he is, he’s an idiot and so are his students for being suckered.!
    His example hasn’t ‘described’ Obama’s policies – all he’s proven is that Marxism doesn’t work because man is basically greedy and selfish. Didn’t we already know that?
    Unadulterated capitalism doesn’t work either for the same reason – especially in a world where resources are becoming more and more scarce.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a wet blanket wanting to give people handouts for doing nothing, in fact nothing gets me more exasperated than the way my hard earned taxes are given to people that do not deserve them in the UK. However, I am quite happy for those same taxes to be used to help lift people who want to make a life for themselves out of poverty and to help make sure people have access to healthcare, education etc. I think it’s a sensible middle ground and this bogus university professor seems to be giving his students an irresponsible lesson.
    I wonder what would happen if the ‘professor’ told his students that their marks would be like cash and give them the ability to ‘buy’ resources to complete their next assignment. Resources would be say the coursework that they are learning. After a few assignments the most intelligent in the class (NO MATTER HOW HARD THE REST OF US WORKED) would hold all the resources, and the rest of us would be failing and dropping out because we would not be able to complete the assignments. This example would describe the ever widening poverty gap caused by unchecked capitalism, and I suggest it is this gap that Obama is trying to bridge. Anyone that suggests Obama is a Marxist (as this professor seems to be doing) is either insane or stupid.

    • eyeswideshut


    • Trey

      Why are guys so blind on how the government is running things? Why will you guys not do your homework and see who’s really in office? You guys are the ones who are helping these terrists destroy this country without you realizing. Because you don’t do your homework. This is exactly like Socialism. Your bringing the middle man and high man down to their knees. While the man without a job that doesn’t give a damn about this country and lives off of others. Granite there are people out there that are trying to get a job but can’t because the government is destroying these small businesses that help these people have jobs and want to work and provide for their families. Look all I’m trying to say is what Obama and the people that he works with. Need to be shot for treason. For everything they have done to go against the constitution and our rights as American citizens. And people that vote for these guys really need to wake up and do their homework before it is to late. I’m not against helping the needy but I’m against the part where these programs are being abused. To many are living off of food stamps and and things like that. That it sounds like this country has a mind thought saying “what can the country do for me?” Instead it needs to say ” what can I do for my country?” Please stop helping these terrist and do your homework. I love my country.

    • john

      Apparently Oblama hasn’t figured out Marxism

      doesn’t work, If he had he wouldn’t be supporting it. This is what he has believed since his early college days.


      Obama’s continual disregard for Consitutional Law and dictating by Executive Fiat is just one of many of hIs Marxist ideals. In his memoir he states Saul Alinsky as one of the men that taught him everything he knows. He also hails Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as the Economic equalizer of this time. Saul Alinsky was a Marxist Communist who was against Capitalism and preached against it being a viable model for anyone to lift themselves in Society. What a bunch of Marxist baloney. Free Enterprise is the greatest Economic system ever created. Sadly the fact that in Capitalism you have the Crony Capitalists tarnishing a system, this will always be the freest form of Man to Live and have freedom in this World. But as long as we have Presidents ,like Obama, that seek to encourage Big Government as the solution to their problems. Usurping the Individual’s freedom and refusing to empower them as an Individual ,thus referring the people as the Masses , then you have a Socialist, Marxist ideological President. I suggest reading Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” and Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. If you really try to understand you will see he is a Marxist/Socialist. The History of the Fabian Socialists is very interesting read as well, since it was adopted by none other then Adolf Hitler himself…

  • Luckyrook

    Really, this didn’t happen. Give me one college that would accept this as their standard. Secondly, the below comment is correct. This reflects communism, not socialism. They are not the same. It’s the square and rectangle theory. Could you say our President leans towards communism? I won’t answer that question but look at who his mentors were and what he mother and father, being a distant example were. They were. I may get his name wrong… Frank Marshall Lloyd was an appointed mentor to him by his grandfather on his mother’s side. Our President mentions him by first name many times in his autobiography. Frank Marshall Lloyd or Lloyd Marshall was a card carrying Communist who was on the State Departments list to detain had the cold war turned hot. He is a socialist, but he is not a declared communist.

    • eyeswideshut

      “communism” and “socialism” are almost one and the same…..taking from the hard working people that have a drive and want something more in life….and giving to the retards that are lazy and want me to pay their way.

      • Ashley

        Somebody hasn’t studied Marxist theory. Or world history. Or economics. Or a whole lot of things, apparently.

  • Rodger

    Researching on line seems to account for the event at Texas Tech and it may have been in 2009. Will investigate further to validate or invalidate. To Liberials  contributors…why do you attack by differentiating socialism form communism when the issue is FREE MARKET. This story will not go away, in fact I hope all who have seen the post, repost it. I wish a psycological study were initated to study the correlation of reward to effort. OH wait a minute…that has been started with Pavlov and Jamestown settlement in Massachusetts,

    • Guest

       Jamestown settlement in Massachusetts? Someone needs to brush up on U.S. history and geography. The original Jamestown settlement is in Virginia you dolt.

    • daniel S

      It’s not an accurate representation of what’s happening in this country or what socialism is.

  • liberal

    No name professor at a no name college apparently doesn’t know what “socialism” is. There’s plenty to criticize without making stuff up!

  • Bert

    This is complete and utter ignorance.  If this “professor” would have wanted to carry out “The Obama Experiment”  properly, he would have used his brain and done it as such:  The A and B students would be required to assist in tutoring the C, D and F students prior to all tests.  The A students would still be studying as usual, but they would be helping a fellow classmate attain a better grade.  Those that chose not to participate in the study hall, nor study on their own would still receive the lower grades, and would have failed on their own.  But on an average, the entire class grade would increase.  It’s this fundamental misunderstanding of what Obama’s economic plan actually entails that is beginning to harm our country.  Until idiots like this “professor” understand that he’s only making an ass of himself, and doing more harm to his students by blaming someone for something they aren’t trying to do… I’m afraid we may not progress as a whole.  So very sad that our society is held back by “educators” such as this.

    • alex707

      No, what you said is not accurate. The rich get taxed more and this money gets redistributed via welfare plans etc. So A students would give a percentage of their grade to the teacher, and the teacher would redistrubute that percentage to the low grade students. So take 20% away from A students, 10% away from B students, and give F and D students those points. The class average as given in this example is exactly how our tax system works. The average would end up being everybody’s grade. The difference is our tax system requires a middleman to pay people out of the tax money collected… so that would be like the teacher giving himself a % of the points he collected… or employing students from another class to do so. Those students from both classes would make up the public and private sectors. The other class (public sector) would then give the teacher a % of their grade (which came from the points collected from the private sector/class). Basically our government acting as a middleman absorbs the taxes we pay so less gets redistributed… meaning a lower class average.

      • Gagnons5

        Alex, interesting points.  However, if the economics professor’s example were actually true (which it’s not because it better represents communism), our rich would stop accumulating wealth, and choose instead to be poor in order to get their share of the handouts.  This is a made-up story, anyway, and one that is clearly not thought through very well.

        • daniel S

          I think that’s a consideratoin to make but not entirely accurate. Not all rich would stop accumulating wealth.

    • jeff

      To use the classroom analogy what grade do those that do not even show up to class get? There isn’t even a requirement that roll call be taken! They are allowed to graduate despite grades. BTW; what were Obama’s grades?

    • eyeswideshut

      But the same would go as the grades. Obama wants everyone on equal ground regardless of the effort put forth….ie: Socialism and Communism…..They are so closely related they could be twins.

  • RWidiots

    I haven’t gotten my redistribution check yet. Anyone else? Anyone?

    That’s what I thought.

    • Whitt2k1

      Yeah lots of people, Millions actually. Its called Welfare.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/LHOAAAUAYQWXU2X7R5XALT64S4 Caligula

    There is a similar rule among programmers.  10% of the coding does 90% of the work while you do the other 90% of the coding to cover the remaining 10% of the work.

    People, like code, tend to have specialists and then those same bits that come floating up all the time.  The workforce is structured similarly.  Therefore those with the rarest and least used jobs tend to earn more than those with the most commonly used jobs, regardless of actual skill level required at those positions beyond the menial (e.g. one of the bits that comes up floating all the time).

    We tend to only notice the center 66% of the bell curve and ignore the cases on the outliers, only now the former outliers are moving our bell curve so that looked at sideways its a slightly sagging breast looking graph of the economic situation with an eventual vertical asymptote to infinity from the left. If you’ll pardon the pun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bamacatfish Jody A Johnson-Foote

    Unfortunately there is no proof either way that this is true. Wish it were but it doesn;t explain the axiom that 80% of the people do 20% of the work and 20% do 80% of the work ~ Pareto Principle. http://www.snopes.com/college/exam/socialism.asp

  • Tyizsik

    Obama is not a socialist. People use the internet and watered down explinations of examples like this, to reinforced their jaded points. Yeah this class expirement is an example of socialism, but how paranoid are you that you think obama is going to turn this country into a socialist hell hole? Has it happened yet? no. Will it happen? still no.

    • Halasek123

      Learn to spell before you criticize..

      • honeytits

        spellin is irrellevant to the point.

    • Luckyrook

      Wow! What hole did you come out from being under. Yes he is a socialist. Look at his politics. He will openly agree he is. Socialism isn’t a damn crime so no one is blaming him of something malevolent. Goodness sakes. Let me guess, high school education and you subscribe unflinchingly to MSNBC. Please someone keep this sort of people from making any more comments. You’re breaking my heart.

      • Smithinson1884

        According to Merriam-Webster, socialism is “Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.” Alternate definitions include a “society or group living in which there is no private property,” and “a system … in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.
        Let me see. Do you happen to own any private property? Furthermore, socialism has been around long before obama, schools, police, fire department… All social institutions. If your thinking about communism we arent there either, try.growing up in any soviet country.

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  • Missology

    The above is a decent analogy regardless of the inability to confirm that it really happened. Obama wants to punish success whether it be doctors with his healthcare disaster or large and small business owners for making too much money. Punishing the wealthy thru taxation won’t work without hurting those he claims he wants to help ie the majority of this country…… He has a very short sighted economic understanding when he thinks his policies will work without the destruction of this country as we know it…..perhaps that’s the real agenda…..in disguise.

  • Guest

    Listen, I am partial to socialized medicine however Obamacare is to F ed up. The system is set up to go after the profiteers of health care.. the hospital managers and insurance big wigs which is great cause they don’t do shit and literally steal money from people who are hurt. What I am saying suck about Obamacare is the fact that it goes after doctors as well. Why should I spend 200k on school and 7+ years of my life to get paid shit? Yeah, I want to help save peoples lives but you have to make me want to spend the time and heart ache to do it. Doctors are not over paid for what the go through. Obamacare is making the already low number of doctors dwindle more and more. My hope is that after Obamacare is in place the doctors quit and only work on friends. The reason this country has the best health care is because the doctors are the best because they study hard for their hard earned salary. 

  • Asasdasda Asdasd

    This is the same logically unsound story that has already done its rounds on the web now changed so that Obama is a part of it.  This type of thinking is down there with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4yBvvGi_2A .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dean-Powell/100000280723983 Dean Powell

    Remember that in the former soviet union, people in breadlines were convinced by propaganda that their government model  was a superior way of life.  When the USSR collapsed, and Russian citizens came to America for the first time, they could not believe our grocery stores were filled with aisles and aisles of food choices. No rationing, no limits.

    Unfortunately this brilliant economics professor is the exception to our universities today, filled with mostly those that tout Obama’s failures as success, just like they did in the former soviet union. And remember, the soviets knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Americans were oppressed, weak, and impoverished before the veil was lifted.

    This story should be shared with everyone! There is a war going on for the soul of this country. To do nothing is what the soviet citizens did before. We must not let Obama take us down the road where failure and misery has met every country that embraced the socialist/communist lie.  

    OMG = Obama Must Go!

  • John


  • Alex

    Aka Trickle Down Poverty, the problem with funding things with other people’s money is that eventually one runs out of other people’s money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Gorenstein/617803693 Dan Gorenstein

    A socialist President is a terrible thing to have, no question about it.  Good thing Obama DOES NOT COME CLOSE to fitting the description of one. Referring to him as such goes beyond mere hyperbole, it’s just plain idiotic.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, his face should be included in the definition because He is exactly fitting to the description. He is really trying to change his title from president to dictator, however people will not allow that.
      He passed N.D.A.A, and more recently H.R. 347…..He should be impeached!

    • Alex

       If you don’t think that Obama is a socialist president, you have your head in the sand and sir, are a nincompoop.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000241976486 Randy Spate

      wow dan… still drinking the damn koolaid eh??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LXFURDYLZR27D6ZLQWW72HU37I Robert

    Only a little more that 49% of this country is paying taxes!  What’s the old saying?  We are in trouble when there are more people in the cart than are pulling the cart.

  • Anonymous

    Any main stream news outlets willing to share this on prime time? What a wonderful story that many more people should get the opportunity to think about for a while.  Urban Legend or not, still a great lesson. 

  • Lindsay Palmer

    Is there a bumper on your ass???

  • Patberk25

    Very true article!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jahuel Rob Close

    Except that this is simply an urban legend.


  • Nzett86

    Those last “5 sentences” is actually a spoken paragraph by Dr. Adrian Rodgers, somebody give some damn credit here.

  • Floydian3x5

    @kilroy238, I applaud the fact that you spent some time analysing the experiment, however the working world is not the same as the school world. You and obama can both go to hell. The working class, (blue collar workers), of the working world will quickly realize that they too are supporting the pond scumb welfare rats and that it is making it harder for them to get ahead than the folks in the upper class. It then causes the blue collar folks to slow down thier desires to make a little more, and causes them to make just enough to get by, because making a little more just gives the government more to give to the pond scumb welfare rats. It will eventually  turn to civil unrest and disobebience, then to violence. obama has done only ONE good thing, IT, (obama), has caused more people to sit up and pay attention to what OUR ( “our” used loosely ) government is doing. That is what this country needed is more eyes opened. obama is on his way to biting off more than both he AND that sow of a wife can chew.

    • Guest

      you need to look up what socialism and communism are, what your talking about is communism and no it doesnt work. socialism however does work because many countries have adopted and have not turned to civil unrest and violence. socialism is about the government funding programs for all it citizens. for example, socialized health care means that it is not privatized and treated like a business. it means that people dont have to pay money to visit a doctor.  

      • Guest2

        Do you live in a country where healthcare is socialized?

        • guest3

          The Socialized countries of Europe are bankrupt….it just took longer than Communist countries.  The end is still the same…. Stealing from the rich to give to the Dysmotivated makes everyone Dysmotivated and poor.

          • joeboosauce

            You generalizations like that show ignorance. Germany is a powerhouse right now. The #2 world exporter. Was #1 before about 2008 contrary to popular perceptions that believed China was always #1. They are hardly bankrupt fool. Such ignorance on the conservative side. You people don’t understand the words socialism and communism, yet you use those words as if you know. Ignorance, no?

      • Bryce

        Then who is paying the doctor?????

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/kilroy238 Kilroy238

    I’ve been having a go with some folks on FB with this as well and found this very well written essay on it  Those who applaud it really have no clue what socialism is.

    Taken from 
    http://www.americaispurple.com/?p=88 So a couple observations about this.1) The above story is not about socialism at all, it’s about communism. If the students think that “Obama’s Socialism” means that there won’t be any poor people or rich people, they’re stupid on several levels.  For starters, socialism does not mean there are no rich or poor people.  Look at socialized Europe.  No rich people or poor people there!  No wait, that’s completely wrong.  The only difference between the poor here and in socialist Europe is that their situations are slightly better.  They may not have any money, but they at least have access to things like health care.  Secondly, while Obama may or may not have some socialist views, he’s certainly no communist. He hasn’t put forth an plans for actual government takeover of anything.  (The health care reform bill mandates people buy health care but they’ll be forced to get it from private insurers.)2) The above story seems to be about a class of Young Republicans. The students cut their nose off to spite their face.  Seriously, who would give up a passing grade just because a few free-loaders are taking advantage of the system? Also, they must have been trying pretty hard to flunk everyone else because I went through college barely studying and got mostly “A” grades.  I can’t think that everyone in the class would completely fail (F average) unless they were actively trying to.3) The above story has a very, very low opinion of human nature, and the social skills of those students must have been nigh non-existent.  Has anyone here worked with someone who wasn’t pulling their weight?  I’m certain we all have.  What happens?  They become universally unpopular and people within the majority of the group bring them back into line, with beatings if necessary. This isn’t so much a story about the failure of socialism/communism as it is the failure of people who are only looking out for themselves to work together towards a common goal.4) I could come up with a more compelling story with the same scenario where a teacher decides to average the grades of the class and give everyone the same grade.  The smartest students in the class still want to pass, so they spend extra time with the dumbest students, tutoring them.  Everyone comes together to study hard and in the end everyone passes the class with an A.  Life lessons are learned. The real breakthrough happens when the female class nerd convinces the bad-boy slacker student who wasn’t studying to try hard, even though he doesn’t care about the class.  The slacker goes on to ace the last test, bringing the class average above the threshold for an A.  Everyone cheers.  Then he teaches the nerd how to love.  It’s very touching.5) The kind of people who find the above story compelling are likely the same ones who would react like the “smart” students did in the story.  “Oh, if someone’s free-loading, that means I’m not going to try.  Screw them!*”  (*And by “them” we mean everyone else in the class, myself included. The slackers were going to fail anyway so they haven’t lost anything.) It’s the kind of people who would shut down their business to avoid paying an extra 3% in taxes.6) If the professor “Once failed an entire class,” because they were fans of “Obama’s Socialism,” it must have been recent.  Obama’s been in office for a little over a year, yet the professor is telling this story as a “Once upon a time.”  I’m starting to think this never actually happened!  (Actually I started to think that when I first started reading it.)Socialism isn’t “The Great Equalizer” that conservatives paint it as, but what is it?  It’s difficult to answer that question for two reasons.  The first is that socialism has been stigmatized in the United States for years now and like Communism and Fascism seems to have taken on the meaning “Bad System of Government,” or “Style of Government that we don’t like.”  Secondly, socialism is a broad band of ideas stretching from light communism to hippie.  In it’s most common form however, and the way it would likely appear if it ever took hold here in America (which it won’t any time soon) would be Limited Capitalism.Capitalism is great because it allows people upward mobility, and for the most part people who work hard can make a decent living for themselves and their families.  The problem with Capitalism is the ability of greed and selfishness by a few to negatively impact a large group of people.  The goal of Limited Capitalism is to keep all the good that comes about from the Capitalist system but smooth out the outliers.  Make the poor a bit less poor and the rich a bit less rich.  Unlike Communism which would take everyone’s income and divide it “Equally” (some are more equal than others), socialism aims to provide fairness to a system that can at times become seriously out of whack.The hallmark of a socialist agenda is not government takeover of business (that would be communism) but employee-owned businesses and non-profits.  On a national scale, Socialism puts strict regulations on banks and businesses to protect the country, the employees, investors, customers and even to protect the businesses from themselves.  (A lot of people would be better off if the government had been paying attention and stopped the likes of Enron and AIG from destroying themselves.  Wouldn’t have required a bailout if they’d nipped it in the bud.)  There’s still capitalism, there’s still winners and losers, the winners still are richer than the losers, but it’s not a zero-sum game.The founding fathers of our country knew that human nature was prone to greed and lust for power, so they separated the government into three branches with checks and balances to prevent too much power being placed in the hands of too few.  Socialism is that in economics, trying to prevent the unchecked greed that has run rampant in wall street.  (Just look at the AIG execs who are throwing a fit about not getting their bonuses.)  Optimally, socialism is not hamstringing the good players, it is merely leveling the playing field.  Some aspects of socialism would do well for America, and some would not work so well.  One thing I would like is for people to argue the pros and cons of the system with the actual pros and cons instead of importing cons from other systems to prop up a straw man.The few aspects of socialism I’d like to integrate into our current system are some enforced regulation on wall street for the banks who have proven time and again that they cannot police themselves.  Too-big-to-fail banks should be broken up into smaller, non-life-threatening banks, and some limits should be placed on executive pay (Maybe ten or 100 times their lowest paid employee.  If their lowest paid employee makes $30k a year, they’d be capped at $300k or $3 million not $300 million.)  I’d like to see non-profit hospitals who pay their employees well and roll any extra they make into expanding the hospital’s services.  I’d like to see non-profit insurance companies.  In short, I’d like to see more companies who were dedicated to their customers and employees instead of their bottom lines.  That’s socialism I can live with.  Compared to this mild socialism, straight capitalism with no checks or balances seems a little anti-social.

    • Guest

      Thank you for finally stopping your babble bullshit. Do the world a favor, leave it.

    • PatR

      Socialism comes from Marx in the “Communist Manifesto”.

    • Guest

      This was the most sensible post on this entire message board.  Thanks.

    • guest2

      You ‘few free-loaders’ comment is off.  More than 50% of Americans (not including illegals) depend on the government for something.  The number is growing.  Welfare is an enabler, not temporary, as it should be.

    • Lastbeer

      You ‘few free-loaders’ comment is off.  More than 50% of Americans (not including illegals) depend on the government for something.  The number is growing.  Welfare is an enabler, not temporary, as it should be.

    • Karen

      If there’s no reward for working your ass off why bother?  Good luck finding doctors willing to work for a non profit hospital when they have astronomical education debt to pay off……good luck finding non profit insurance companies….they’ll choose another line of work………Kilroy238….how’s that lala land you live in?

    • maros

      Hi Kilroy, I am from Slovakia and average salary in our economy in 2011 was 12600USD/full year (not even 30k as you mentioned here as an example). The minimum wage as per law is 422USD/month !!! We are small part of CEE with very low cost workforce, but socialism didn’t work here. The conditions we have here now are MUCH better than socialism we experienced (1948-1989). At the end of that era, no one was trying to achieve anything back in late 80’s as all were getting moreles the same reward/money. This state was unbearable for economy and before it collapsed totally the people threw away the idea of socialism. I totally recognize the story written above, this is how people act when motivation is missing. I believe one income tax rate (without any exceptions) is the way to achieve best results not for top class only, but for whole country. 

  • Filthyline

    most lower class and middle class people work their asses off to make the upper class rich. Sentence 5. has been in effect for a long time. No one will “average” out anyone’s income, it will be taxes not a literal average. Once again still something that’s been happening for a long time. Yes you cant give to the poor without robbing the rich that’s common sense even so once again the money taken from people are called taxes….

    • OthersShoes

      retool this Econ Professor’s little experiment from a Liberal’s
      perspective. Let’s give each student $1,000 of income for each % point
      they scored in the calss, so in this case a failing grade could be as
      low as $0 and as high as $59,000. Leaving the middle half of
      the students alone in their scores, let’s only average the scores
      between the highest quartile of scoring students and lowest quartile of students, or the biggest money makers and the lowest money makers.
      Then build assessments that have no top-end parameter; or simply put, a
      possibility for extra-credit. The harder the extra credit questions the
      more points they are worth, so a student who as worked extremely hard
      and is very intelligent can get scores in the millions, the only control
      here is time allotted to take the test. It is most likely that 1-2
      students will make this amount, and maybe 10 students will fit in the
      4th quartile, while 25 or so will fit in the 1st (bottom quartile).
      Take the top earner, the brilliant mind who made 1,000,000, and tax him
      at 50%, so he has $500,000 remaining, then disperse the $500,000 to the
      25 people at the bottom quartile, which would leave $20,000 for each of
      them. Adding that $20,000 to their current income of $0-$25,000 would
      give a minimum income of $20,000 and maximum income of $45,000 for the
      lowest quartile of earners, while the millionaire still has a handsome
      income of $500,000. Then consider this, not all students are
      equally intelligent or have had access to the same quality of education
      growing up, or been able to navigate life’s tragedies and blessings as
      blissfully. This I believe, is a more realistic sampling of Obama’s, and many other’s progressive tax plans.
      I believe it is fair and wise to share our resources with others, not
      all of it, but some of it. Whether or not you believe in this, or how
      much you believe in this is up to you and will most likely place you
      along a broad spectrum of economic conservatism and liberalism. The main
      point is, Obama’s progressive tax plan is not socialism, it is
      progressive and bent towards benefiting those who are less fortunate.

      To give insight towards my personal background. I make $31,000 a year, am 24. Last year I made $58,000. I have never had access to governmental welfare resources and attended a private school, from which I received some need-based loans. The market average salary for the job I am aspiring to is $150,000. When I am there, I will most likely still feel the same way. Hard to say.

      • Phillman

        Wow you made 58,000 at 23 and attended private school? Sounds like you have had quite a leg up. My family lost everything they owned when I was 17 because my father could not sustain paying his 35% business tax rate. I got a full time job making $5.50 an hour and worked 70 hours a week to help support my parents to get them back on their feet.Therefore since I clearly didn’t have the same resources as you starting out in life, You should immediately send me  a check for $45,000 to relieve this iniquity.(30% of your projected income.)
          Look I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I am glad you have the opportunities I didn’t have.Make the most of it. Just walk in my shoes for a minute and realize that theft is theft, even if you have good intentions.My father worked his ass off his whole life only to have the government take it all away through supposedly good intentions.Peace be with you.

  • Cathleen

    sorry English teacher but … NO DUH!!!   we’ve been headed down this road a loong time.

  • 2012Answer

    Ron Paul is the answer for the 2012 test

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