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TSA Strip Search Singers Christmas Carol Performance

TSA Agents at LAX singing Christmas songs and more to let you know they are nice people who can do more than just use government force. As soon as Ron Paul is elected president these agents will be auditioning for X-Factor and American Idol.

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Broward to TSA: Convince us airport scanners are safe

Federal officials insisted Tuesday that X-ray scanners used at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport are safe for travelers, but Broward County commissioners weren’t convinced.

On a split vote Tuesday, a majority of commissioners asked the federal Transportation Security Administration to do more to assure Broward’s travelers that the X-ray scanners are safe, or to ban them from use if they’re not.

The county’s request of the TSA: Find the studies that led Europe to ban the scanners, and explain why the TSA agrees or disagrees; determine whether frequent fliers are at a higher cancer risk from passing through the scanners, and if so, post alerts at the airport informing frequent fliers about how many scans a week might be safe; and if the TSA finds the European Union’s studies show a heightened risk, consider banning the use of the backscatter scanners here.

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