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Chris Christie for President! Seriously?


Just like Johnny Mac and Rudy G leading up to 2008 and His Mittness in 2012, the Republican Party establishment seems to have found their “next” man. Sure, they’d love to go with someone like Jeb Bush. An old Patrician Republican with a name they know…unfortunately for them, all of America knows his last name too. It looks like the “sane” wing (you know, the one that has lost the last 2 Presidential elections) of the GOP is rallying around Chris Christie.

Like many Conservative activists, when Christie ran for Governor in 2009, I supported Conservative Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan in the Primary. Lonegan warned that Christie was a squish who would sell Conservatives out at the first opportunity. He was right.

At first, I liked the bombastic Christie. The Unions hated him, and that was a good sign. Then, Chris Christie realized he could be President if he played ball with the Establishment.

Minority Leader McConnell Going Wobbly on Defunding ObamaCare, Proves He Deserves Primary

Senate Republicans Speak To The Media After Their Weekly Policy Meeting

Seems like once every few months we go through this exercise. Democrats make demands with regards to Government spending, Republicans threaten to shut down the Government, Democrats threaten Republicans with bad Press, GOP “leadership” caves, Democrats win.

Once again, dear readers, we have reached the Great Debt Ceiling Crisis! Yep, it’s only July and the Federal Government is already on the verge of running out of money. Apparently the FED hasn’t printed enough and Congress hasn’t authorized borrowing enough.

House vote reveals ObamaCare’s weak spot: the individual mandate

House passes Obamacare repeal

A crack has opened in the ObamaCare dike.

In a stunning setback for the controversial health care law’s supporters, 22 House Democrats yesterday joined 227 Republicans to delay its linchpin provision, the individual mandate.

In so doing, they revealed the law’s Achilles heel.

Senate Republicans should capitalize on this breakthrough by forcing a vote on the mandate delay as soon as possible.

The vote to delay the individual mandate, which is the law’s least popular provision, passed 251 to 174. As noted, 22 Democrats crossed the aisle. Earlier, the House had voted 264 to 161 to delay the law’s employer mandate; 35 Democrats crossed the aisle on that one. The two delays were folded into a single bill.


The Inglorious Exploits of Dear Leader, Episode 2


Our Dear Leader, President Obama, is back to the grind with an Executive Order, the HIV Care Continuum Initiative, in which he claims that the authority vested in him as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America empowers him to recommend HIV screening for all Americans ages 15 to 65.  That’s right, all Americans, ages 15 to 65, must bow to the recommendations of Dear Leader and undergo their recommended HIV screening.  Though the total number of Americans estimated to be living with HIV is just 1.5 million, with breast and prostate cancer both topping out at 2.762 million and 2.5 million apiece, Dear Leader is recommending HIV screening for all Americans 15 to 65.

Makes sense, especially given that cancer prevalence from all invasive cancer sites is estimated at over 12,549,000 Americans.  Nevertheless, priorities are what Dear Leader says they are.  With 600,000 deaths from heart disease annually, or 1 in every 4 deaths, it might make more sense to recommend screening for that health issue, but Dear Leader is fixated on HIV screening.


Obamacare’s Latest Opposition: Unions


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has signed on in the fight against the Affordable Care Act, noting that the legislation threatens to be unaffordable and remove access to actual care as they know it. In a white paper, the IBEW claimed that the Affordable Care Act would “harm our members by dismantling multiemployer health plans.”  In a full-page ad in Roll Call, the union called on the president to keep his promise that those who liked their health care plans would be able to keep their health care plans.

This follows on the heels of United Food and Commercial Workers president Joseph Hansen’s May 2013 column in The Hill, where he said the claim that workers could keep their existing coverage under the ACA was “simply not true.” International Brotherhood of Teamsters general secretary-treasurer Ken Hall characterized the specific provisions of Obamacare as “not acceptable” back in January, with the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers actually calling for the repeal of the ACA.

The Heritage Solution: Beg and Plead

A few days ago, The Heritage Foundation published its “New Year’s Resolutions for Conservatives.” Near the top of the list: “Resist the Nullification Temptation.”

David Azerrad writes:

… please don’t start talking about nullification as the magical silver bullet that other conservatives somehow overlooked in their efforts to repeal Obamacare (or any other unconstitutional law, for that matter).

Heritage trots out an anti-nullification piece about every six months, so this doesn’t come as any kind of shock or surprise. I’ve dealt with their arguments before. You can read my response to a Heritage piece on North Dakota’s nullification efforts last spring here. You can also read Dr. Tom Woods’ refutation of the Heritage position here. ……


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