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Defining Weapons of Mass Destruction and War in Syria


The calls to war over Syria grow more insistent.  Many of the usual suspects who are convinced it is better to destabilize entire regimes and regions than “lead from behind,” are joining the voices of human rights groups appalled by Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad’s brutal attempts to tamp down the various rebel forces.  An analysis of Syria should leave aside the budget busting $6 trillion dollars we will have spent on Iraq because as has become clear, money is not considered an issue when it comes to grand ideological battles, however existentially or tenuously  related to our own national interests.  Senator Lindsay Graham persists in calling for boots on the ground in Syria.  Sen. McCain does not want boots on the ground but demands the United States enforce a no-fly zone to help the Syrian rebels lest Syria becomes a failed state.  Calls for war in Syria ignore the almost overwhelming odds that what we seek to achieve, may simply not be achievable, and a voluntary war fought at any cost may be a greater threat to our actual national interest than any existential or philosophical ones.

Bachmann – ‘Ron Paul Would Wait until American City is Taken Out by Nuclear Weapon’

Michelle Bachmann in 2009 gave a fantastic introduction speech of Ron Paul to a crowd of 5000 people, which sounded as close to an endorsement as one could get. She even claps when someone says “Ron Paul 2012″.

But, her position today is clearly stated in the video below with Bachmann calling Ron Paul  ‘Dangerous’. Congrats to the word ‘Dangerous’ for being elevated to the level of her other descriptions of the good doctor such as Liberty, Honorable, Freedom and Constitutional.